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MOBA’s card game is very popular on the mobile gaming market, but it seems that Nexon is aiming to make it into the genre to compete with Clash Royale of Supercell. Champions Rising (APK mod) is the latest in the genre, and Nexon is launching a soft-launch phase on the Android and iOS platforms, which are free to download via the app marketplace or download the Champions Rising: Legends of Elusia Mod that we provide at the bottom.

Champions Rising Mod APK download for Android

Champions Rising – Legends of Elusia allows players to participate in 1v1 or 2v2 matches depending on your preference. Each card in the game represents a certain troop of soldiers or any other feature. Your task is to pick out a set of tokens that match your play style to fight with other players.

When entering the world of Champions Rising Mod APK, in each game, players have to control the troops with a champion that has been selected before, take advantage of everything that you have to fight the enemy to defeat the enemy’s champion and destroy their base to win. Champions Rising has a beautiful 2D graphics, which is designed in a unique cartoon style. The character, as well as the object in the game, is very detailed with the intention of the player focus on the game rather than just looking at their characters.

Champions Rising is released as a free app with in-app purchase system, with the mod version of Champions Rising that we offer, you can buy everything for free.


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