Cats Vs Dragons APK MOD 1

Cats vs Dragons 1.1.1 APK MOD

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Cats vs Dragons 1.1.1 APK MOD

Cats Vs Dragons APK MOD 1

Sharpen your claws and equip yourself with the best things to prepare for the fight with lovely cats. Cats vs Dragons combines classic role-playing elements with tactics in a fantasy game, including characters that are admirable kittens and evil dragons who want to steal crystal art and conquer the world.

Cats vs Dragons – Android – HD Gameplay Trailer

The main task

Cats Vs Dragons APK MOD 1

You will be tasked with assisting the hero Lynx in the task of rescuing the cat princess from the Dragon King siege! Lead him through the dragon tower, fighting evil species through 240 floors. Using and developing powerful skills and helping to rescue 9 people who are holding stolen crystal crystals, they will help Lynx complete its work. Collect and use Cat Food to call for allies to support. Pick up the precious Cat Coins found in the tower and use them to improve the character’s abilities and prepare to fight the evil Dragon King.

The story of Cats vs Dragons

Cats Vs Dragons APK MOD 1

Royal Cattery is a peaceful land with an infinite supply of mysterious energy resources. Until Dragon King appeared and destroyed the peace of the Cattery by stealing the princess. Your job is to rescue the princess and save the people with crystal crystals in the process. Like other fairy tales, the princess is imprisoned in a castle. So, your journey will begin by climbing 240 floors of the tower.

Lynx control operations

Cats Vs Dragons APK MOD 1

Controlling Lynx is very simple because you have 2 arrows – one is used to move up and down while the other is for horizontal. Players will also have to manage a variety of skills and allies, but they are very simple and will only take a few minutes to get used to. At the beginning of a level, you will basically head towards the opponent’s crystal at the top, defeating them while moving while keeping your crystal safe. Everything will start quite simply, but some Dragon King minions will be harder to beat.

As the Cat vs Dragons world grows, players will level up and have the opportunity to upgrade Lynx and companions with money earned in the game. Your ally is the “Crystal Bearers” that were lost in the battle when rescuing the princess, and when unlocking them, they will be free and fight in your squad. Players can use Cat Food during the battle and there are several kitten themes that can be used. Catnip will help you invincible while the roll and moonstones will support a lot in the table.


Cats vs Dragons gives players sharp images with bright colors. Besides, while using graphic design in 2D format, the developer cleverly combined color effects, lines and shapes the character to make the image look outstanding, bring different points between Cats vs Dragons compared to other games.

Last but not least, let’s see how previous players comment about Cats vs Dragons:
As a fan of both cute cats and RPGs and Dragons, this game is perfect. Endearing artwork (the characters are adorable), straightforward gameplay and well-planned levels and enemies make for a great game. Sometimes the menus feel a little clunky and slow, in terms of response time. It doesn’t affect in-game though. I’m not massively far into the game yet, but so far so good!


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