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Cat Quest is a game of the collaboration between PQube and The Gentlebros, is a simulation game in the open world with a unique and fun playing style. As introduced, Cat Quest mod money is based on the inspirational RPG adventure game, including Final Fantasy, Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda. Therefore, we can expect the adventurous experience from the game and the extremely cute character creation. 

Cat Quest Mod APK (Unlimited money) latest for Android

From the name of the game, the player will transform into a cat-knight whose mission to rescue his sister that was kidnapped by Drakoth – a cruel cat. Players have to overcome a lot of challenges, face the monstrous aggressive through each new land to be able to become Dragonblood – a mythical character in the cat kingdom has killed the dragon.


Cat Quest for Android has classic 2D robes of classic RPG. The characters in the game are designed in the style of animation, which makes the game colourful, attracts those who love the RPG series. The sound of the game is perfect, Cat Quest embedded in the familiar rhythm of the classic RPG game that players are really attracted to.


As a 2D RPG in the top-down view, players can observe whole of the main character. The combat mechanism in Cat Quest is similar to some of other RPG action games. On the PC, you can use the WASD keys to move and click to hit. In addition, players are also equipped with other special skills to use in critical situations.

Unlike some RPGs (Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest Mod), players can quickly reach the first 20 to 30 levels after just a few hours of playing in Cat Quest mod APK that we have provided. As an adventure simulation game, there is no shortage of equipment, Cat Quest has a very diverse equipment system both defence and attack. Each equips perform unique attribution. For example, magic sticks help increase your magic stats but also reduces melee stats; armour sets reduce magic stats but increases resistance, … So players need to equip weapons and armour in their way.

Video about the gameplay of Cat Quest:

You can collect equipment through the combat process and complete quests or pay gold to own them. As an open world game, players spend a great deal of time exploring different areas, finding the best weapons, gaining the levels needed to reach the final goal, is to defeat Drakoth and rescue his sister.

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Key features of the game:

  • Pawsome real time combat! Oh, so juicy combat!
  • A huge open land filled with over 15 hours of furry main missions!
  • More than 60 main quests!
  • More than 60 dungeons and caves to explore- Loot?
  •  Loot? Yes, we have a ton of loot! All cat certified too!
  • Beautiful graphics that accentuate the cuteness of cats!
  • An engrossing story about loss, betrayal, adventure, victory and…cats!
  • Game Center Achievements to scratch your trophy highs!
  • Supports Metal for faster purr-formance!

Although Cat Quest mod apk does not own 3D graphics such as the popular RPG game, the features and mechanisms in the game are not really much in other games, the simplicity is what appeals to players. From the plot, the gameplay or the sound in the game is featured the classic RPG game that makes sure Cat Quest the game will give players a relaxing moment.


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