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Castle Creeps Duels 1.16 APK MOD

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What’s new Castle Creeps Duels 1.16 APK MOD 2019

The Contest of Champions is now open!
– Begin your training with all new Daily Quests!
– Enter a no holds barred, all out conflict. Card levels and player skill are ignored. Prepare to be matched up with any competitor for the fight of your life!
– Will you obtain victory, and your battle live on as a tale for the ages? Join the carnage!

Through the graphics, we can see that Castle Creeps Duels are inspired by Clash Royale or Siege siege titan wars, but it still has some great improvements to make the difference. You probably still remember Castle Creeps TD – an extremely defensive tactical game ever made by Outplay Entertainment Ltd, launched in 2016. Castle Creeps Duels – a mobile game with the same background as its predecessor, TD, but this time it turns into a fascinating card game.

Castle Creeps Duels Mod APK Latest/Update

Accordingly, Outplay Entertainment Ltd‘s Android games do not usually focus on the storyline but tell you that you are in a power struggle among factions. You will start as a hero in your kingdom with the battle against various threats from opponents and other players around the world.

Castle Creeps Duels Mod features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gem
  • Auto win in Arena
  • Full Card unlocked

Addictive Gameplay:

The gameplay of Castle Creeps Duels APK is familiar but engaging. At the start of the game, each player must select a symbolic desk with all kinds of troops that you can maneuver on the battlefield. The resources to summon the troops will be granted over time. Surely, the stronger the resources are, the more they will spend on them. You have to know the rational choices to avoid resource exhaustion and no money to summon troops. The battle will take place at a specified time, during which time, any party that has destroyed the previous tower will lose, but if both towers are not destroyed, the game will be based on the level of destruction of the two sides to give the winner.

Collect the Card

The number o the cards in Castle Creeps Duels is varied and divided into different classes, each of which has its own characteristics and interrelationships. You can also upgrade them to become stronger with the great stats. Along with that, you can also select a myriad of heroes with powerful spells to support the soldiers. All of the above actions will cost Mana.

Multiple game modes:

Like Clash Royale, in addition to the familiar plot and PvP modes, Castle Creeps Duels (Mod APK) also introduces the Arena System, in which you have to battle other players with a random set of cards. The more you win, the greater the reward you own. Those rewards can be either the gold or very rare cards, which is considered the most attractive Mode of the game.

Each battle takes place in a relatively short time, suitable when people play games on mobile. So if you are looking for a game to replace Clash Royale, Castle Creeps Duels is worthy of your expectations.


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