Caravan Stories 3.4.0 APK Mod English download for Android

Caravan Stories Mod 3.4.0 English

Uploaded:April 12th, 2019
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The online game named Caravan Stories was officially introduced to gamers. Caravan Stories is a role-playing video game. To put it simply, this game allows players to play as a character in the game. So you can download it and play on your mobiles right now.

Caravan Stories 3.4.0 APK Mod English download for Android

Caravan Stories is a cross-platform game and supports actually for both mobile devices and PC. Its content is plentiful, and the main PVP mode is unique, which will involve players setting up a team to defend their tower from opponents. Moreover, its gameplay JRPG is also exciting.

There are currently six playable races which include Human, Elf, Orc, Gessy and Lizardman. Each race will have its own plot and missions. Besides, players can choose character according to their own taste like becoming singer or farmer and so on.

Caravan Stories APK for Android has a large map which covers over 500 square meters. Therefore, there are a variety of interesting things for players to explore. Like almost all MMORPG games, Project Caravan provides different dungeon challenges as well as Arena fights for millions of players all over the world.

Being a cross-platform game, Caravan Stories was optimized to maximum so that it can be played smoothly on computers and mobile devices. In addition, in the version for mobile, this game has the auto-play mode to help players play more easily.

Caravan Stories also requires you to establish your own team of maximum six heroes. You can choose one race from 6 races provided, and those races consist of human, ogre, Orc and manikin. Each race has from 20 to 30 characters so that players can freely explore. To have stronger heroes, you have to complete many hard challenges. The outlooks of your characters will change when you upgrade them.

Besides, in the world of Caravan Stories, the circle of day and night is so real that it can affect the reproduction of monsters. Like other heroes in team, you also need to feed pets and upgrade them.

Game features:

  • Choose one character and then you can play in different game modes
  • Upgrade your characters
  • Defeat other players in the world
  • Various missions to complete
  • Supports cross-platform


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