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Uploaded: March 20th, 2018
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If you have ever loved some games like Knife Hit, Dunk Line, you definitely should not miss Car vs Cops, which has released by Ketchapp. This game may allow Ketchapp to continue to be successful and earn huge profits. This fun electronic game will give you the fun time and enjoyable experience.

Car vs. Cops MOD APK download for Android

Everyone wants to be a good man, or the police to protect justice. But have you ever wanted to become the bad guys and experience new feelings? In Car vs Cops, you can play a bad guy and run away from the police. This game was launched on March 10, 2018, by Ketchapp with a 3D space simulation, which is featuring police cars, tanks, trucks, and helicopters to chase you. Players will experience the dramatic racing, chasing.


Car vs Cops (MOD APK) is similar to Finger Driver, who plays a role of a criminal trying to escape the police. You will control a car with different colors to distract and escape from the police. This is a very dramatic racing game, players will take on an endless runaway, and the level of difficulty will be increased, more and more police cars, helicopters follow to catch you. Players will have 3 times arrested by police. If you use all these times, the game will end. The player just touches his phone screen to move his car, dodging and escape from the police cars. The gameplay of Car vs Cops is simple and suitable for all ages.

The differences

Car vs. Cops is different from other racing games that are simulated in the 3D space without obstacles. The player can freely drive, go as long as he wants. They just complete the goal, which is escaping from the police successfully. Police cars will always be faster than your car, so you should not go straight. You should loop your car, accelerate, or use crooked roads that cause police cars to crash into each other and blow up. Players get 1 point after a police car is destroyed. On the way, you can also collect coins by crashing them. Collecting more money helps players unlock other cars. Players earn more points after each escape, and this achievement is used to rank your position in the rankings.

Graphics and sound

The graphic design of the Car vs Cops is not very distinctive, with a classic and simple style. However, the cars and helicopters are designed and simulated in detail. This game can run smoother on the majority of current smartphones. In the game, the background is dark with your car and the police cars. The upper left corner will be the score that you received after the game. When you control a car causing multiple police cars to hit each other at the same time and consecutive combos will be, the more combo you make, the more point you will have. The sound is very fun, attract players and add more drama.


Car vs Cops is a very exciting game, stimulating the player’s excitement. It will be excellent when you can break the record of the last races. If you love this game and want to experience the escaping, you should download the game to the phone right now.


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