Can you Escape the 100 room III

Uploaded:January 12th, 2018
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The epic room escape game from FunnyTimeDay – Can you Escape the 100 room III has come to Android users. If you are a big fan of puzzle games which are quite challenging, Can you Escape the 100 room III is a wonderful choice, Do not miss such an amazing puzzle game and start enjoying new things while you manage to escape the room.

Can you Escape the 100 room III Mod APK full latest

Can you Escape the 100 room III has 50 levels for you to complete? You have to combine several skills so that you can finish all 50 levels such as your memory, judgment, observation and so on. If you want to escape the room successfully, you will have to find all the items that each level requires. To do that, you need to use hints provided to search for items in the room or find by yourself. Just need to click somewhere on the screen to zoom in and look for items. This game will definitely keep you occupied with it. The challenges in Can you Escape the 100 room II are not much difficult so that you can easily figure hidden items out and win many extra games along the way to unlock them. Some missions you have to do are arranging numbers in the same order as the provided one, playing jigsaw puzzles… The level of difficulty will increase gradually over the level.

Main features of Can you Escape the 100 room III:

  • Addictive gameplay which is finding items that can be hidden or locked.
  • Collect all the items on the journey.
  • Puzzles are quite challenging and interesting.
  • Plenty of games are waiting for you, try to think logically to finish them.
  • Various rooms allow you freely explore.
  • Provide hints when you are stuck.
  • Genuine 3D graphics with great interior designs will captivate your attention.
  • The Lively soundtrack makes the game become more interesting and attractive.





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