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Camera Mod N8 for Android is the application that helps you edit and add the default camera features on the smartphone as you like. If you are not satisfied with the phone’s Camdriver then try to use Camera Mod N8 for Android. This application will helps users editing photo very professional and supports opening with various applications. Camera Mod N8 APK is a mod camera designed for the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S7 with port ROM and Rooted (SuperSU and Magisk).

Key features of the Camera Mod N8 for Android:

  • QHD @ 60fps (2560×1440) (Exynos only)
  • HDR 4K
  • Image sharpening and noise reduction (Exynos only)
  • Choose a custom Gallery to open your photos and videos. For example, QuickPic
  • Customizable shutter speed, up to 10 seconds
  • Focus Tracking for all modes: 4K / QHD / 1080p60
  • Remove the maximum video storage limit of 4GB
  • Remove time limit for 4K / 1080p60
  • Tune Mbps video bitrates
  • Adjust the JPG image quality setting, including sequential shots
  • Update your camera to the latest version of Samsung
  • Add video effects for 4K / QHD modes
  • Removing the Low Battery Flash Limit to 15%

Dealing with common problems in Camera Mod N8 for Android

  • Recording button does not work due to problems with Dual Sound Mod, Flash or Magisk modules
  • If you encounter any other problems, try disabling the Magisk Module.
  • Check the camera version on the phone: Setting -> Application -> Camera
  • Check video bitrate and jpg picture quality settings with MediaInfo and JPGsnoop tools (very easy to find on Google).

Note: Only use the N8 Camera Mod for Android when you are using the Samsung Galaxy S8 Rooted device. N950F, N950FD, N950FW8, N950K, N950L, N950S, N9500, N9508, N950AZ, N950A, N950T1, N950R6, N950R7, N950N, N950P, N950T, N950R4, N950V, N950U

New features latest version of Camera Mod N8:

  • Minor bug fixes for specific device configurations.

Camera Mod N8 APK for Android is a good mod camera application. It has launched on the Play Store but has received quite good feedback from users. If you have any problems using it, please send a message to for help from the publisher.


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