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The fighting game is one of the most popular games on mobile because it is easy to play and to get used to, being immersed in a character in the game, moving through new lands, fighting with many opponents. It has always been a lot of fun because it is really relaxing. Today, we will introduce you to one of the games that really help you relax at the weekend named Brutal Street 2 Mod Money provided by APKgalaxy.

Brutal Street 2 Mod APK unlimited money/full power Latest/Update

Brutal Street 2 is a game that blends strategy and simulation with stunning graphics for Android. Players will be taken to an underground world where gangs wrestle fighting to gain ownership of the area.

The story revolves around Chinese neighborhoods, where gangs and underground forces fight and fight each other. Disappointed with them, you have gathered the best people to form a team of 8 people with different strengths involved in the confrontation with the strongest gangs. At the beginning of the game, players will only own 1, however, by overcoming the challenges in the game you will have new characters to add to the team … These characters have different skills depending on the type of weapon.

Brutal Street 2 Mod Gameplay video:

Impressive gameplay combining action and turn-based:

Each battle against the black society takes place in a strategic style combining turn-based, you will be selected 4 most suitable characters to participate in the battle. Control of these characters is relatively simple, you can control the characters move to the appropriate location, select the skill and attack object. Each character will have a total of 4 skills. These skills can be triggered by the money in the “Talent” table. So your task will be to play as a commanding officer to build a 4-member team with extremely diverse character systems, set up strategic maps for your squad to help the team, a nurse supports teammates and other street heroes to create a unity and support each other best. The game requires a lot of flexibility and a complete tactical map so that you can fight with other gangs easily without sacrificing your troops.

Unlock new characters

As noted, Brutal Street possesses an extremely diverse character system that is divided into different classes with distinct skills. With the familiar, immersive role-playing style, you are free to control your characters from moving to attack. Skill and character set is neatly designed in the right-hand corner of the screen to make it easy to use and control. Individuals, of course, have different equipment. Generally, the items are clearly divided, so you do not need to be too concerned about the interplay between them when the same equipped for the character.

After each battle, there will be equipment falling out from the enemy for the player to collect to improve the character stats. In addition, the character’s system will be changed depending on the weapon you are choosing to allow players to combine effort based on their own style of fighting.

Various game modes:

In addition, Brutal Street 2 also adds to the interesting game modes such as hostage rescue, boss fight or simply fight in extremely limited time, players can choose one of these modes. The graphics in the game have improved a lot compared to the previous version becomes more colorful and charming. You can easily see a familiar scene in China with dusty streets, the fast food store…

Brutal Street Highlights:

  • Nice and good 2.5D graphics.
  • Stunning background music.
  • Strategic gameplay.
  • Simple and attractive plot.
  • Abundant characters.
  • A rich array of items and skills.
  • Conquer underground arcades.
  • Open up new maps.
  • Endless conquest.
  • Lightweight, compatible with many Android versions.

Brutal Street is developed and released by Black Pearl Games Ltd. The Brutal Street mod version of Money for Android is shared completely free at our blog.

Game Requirements and Information of Brutal Street 2 Mod APK.

  • Support for Android 2.3 and above.
  • Shared version: 1.2.28.
  • Size: 61 MB.

The Brutal Street 2 version of the game has been with Unlimited Money / Power.

  • Internet connection is not required. The brutal Street mod is also without root.

Brutal Street has been revamped and improved by Black Pearl Games to bring out the Brutal Street 2 version. Brutal Street 2 is a fun, addictive game that gives players a whole new experience of the other side in society. If you are a street fighter enthusiast and want to find a similar game for your Android phone, Brutal Street 2 is a great choice for you.


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