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Broken Screen Prank is an application for Android that allows you to play pranks with your friends, making them think that the display of your Android phone was broke. The thought of the app is straightforward: the moment you activate it, the Android’s screen seems to crack even the slightest movement.

Broken Screen Prank APK latest version for Android

You may also manage the display to interrupt the moment someone touches it. In this way, you are able to trigger the app, hand a friend your phone, and observe his response once the display ‘fails’ after being handled.

Additional options presented within this app allow you to alter the kind of break that looks to the screen. Automagically, the breaks are inadequate and easy by buying them inside the app, however, you can uncover more practical versions.

Broken Screen Prank APK can be an interesting joke app that works remarkably well. That is one of the greatest, or even the best one available, although there can be several related apps has similar features.

Features of the Broken Screen Prank:

  • The simulated effect breaks the phone screen like the real with real glass-breaking sound.
  • There are two ways to break the screen: touch the screen or shake the phone.
  • Many effects to break the Android’s screen, such as the screen is burned or the screen is shorted.

New feature

For version 3.6.0:
Fix issues that prevent apps from working on some devices.

For version 3.4.6:
Troubleshooting does not work on Android 7.0

For Version 3.4.4:

Update user interface.

For version 3.4.2:

Add security policy in the app.

For version 3.0:

  • More broken screen options.
  • Add real fire effect.
  • The interface is simpler.

For version 2.2:
Update user interface.

For version 2.1:
Improve the user experience.


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