Bring You Home

Uploaded:February 4th, 2018
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Bring You Home is a puzzle adventure game, which has released by Alike Studio on the App Store recently. If you are using an Android or iOS device, you can download the game with the link below.

Bring You Home APK download for Android

Bring You Home features a simple gameplay with lovely graphics and bright colors. The game’s scene will take players on a journey to rescue Polo’s pet that was kidnapped. Polo is the main character of the game.

Alike Studio is the creator of the famous puzzle game “Love You To Bits”, so that Bring You Home has inherited a lot from this game, along with the typical elements, which make the difference of this game. Entering the world of Bring You Home, the gamers will play the role of Polo, an adorable alien creature who has overcome many unknown planets to track down his kidnapped pet to bring it back home.

Bring You Home’s gameplay is designed with a relatively simple mechanism, focused primarily on touching and swiping. In which, players will have to arrange the scenes to be divided into stages to create the safest way to help Polo overcome without any danger. The world in the game is beautifully and colorfully designed. You will face the challenges of the game through the various regions. The places in the game are connected to each other by the Portal, you will control Polo to move around the obstacles and reaches the safe portal.

Key features of the game:

  • Join Polo’s great adventures to find kidnapped pets.
  • Adventure through various lands, conquer the most difficult challenges.
  • Simple control mechanism with touch and swipe gestures.
  • Various challenges.
  • Beautiful graphics and sound in the game are really impressive.
  • Supports for both Android and iOS platforms

Bring You Home gives you a lot of multiplayer levels with difficulty increasing time to time. To conquer all the challenges, you will need to have patience and ability to think and a little creativity. If you like the adventure, you can download the game for free via the link below.

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