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A 2D puzzle game called the Bridge Constructor Portal has officially launched on mobile and PC, which seems to be a copy of the legend Portal. Portal is one of the great games released by Valve with the perfect storyline and gameplay. However, the game series was officially closed after the Portal’s developer and game writers for the series have left Valve and sought out new challenges. This is exactly what the Half-Life writers did before.

Bridge Constructor Portal APK download for Android

But it is not a cause making the Portal has become a forgotten name. Because, today, a 2D puzzle game called Bridge Constructor Portal has officially launched on the mobile and Steam, promises to bring a great experience as well as Portal has brought before.

Bridge Constructor Portal is a completely independent game and is not related to Portal. But it has similar and extremely interesting gameplay. You should not expect anything about the storyline of Bridge Constructor Portal because it is a pure puzzle game. You will play the role of AI “crazy” GLaDOS, who will have the task of building scaffolding systems to test the durability, and for the experimental character, or the truck running through from the starting point to the finish line. It is still the funny details, the jokes are the bland parts of GLaDOS, but they make perfect sense of a version of Portal.

Each stage in the Bridge Constructor Portal will be more difficult, with the turret. The laser system is enough to break someone’s unfortunate to put their life in your hands and then be disappointed. Like every bridge building game title. You will be free to create creativity, but every artifact in each level is subject to the rules of the game.

Key features of the game:

  • An official version of the mobile game is licensed from the Portal.
  • Construction works in Aperture Science lab.
  • Play the mad scientist GLaDOS, build and build your own.
  • Complete hundreds of complex quests, solve puzzles using the Portal and the supporting items.
  • Leaderboards for sharing high scores with friends.

Thank you for visiting our website to download the game, you can download Bridge Constructor Portal APK with the link below.


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