Bricks Breaker Puzzle

Uploaded: July 29th, 2017
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Bricks Breaker Puzzle is a fun puzzle game with unique brick-breaking gameplay for Android platform. Bricks Breaker Puzzle for Android is highly addictive and suited for stress relief. The ball shooting game is the popular genre on mobile and has a high position in the top-rated mobile games. Legendary names in this genre include Zombie’s Revenge, Bubble Mania, Zuma’s Revenge, etc. If you are a follower of this game then today we have a good deal for you named Bricks Breaker Puzzle mod.

Coming to the world of Bricks Breaker Puzzle for Android, the player just simply focuses on a goal: to break all the bricks. Find the best place to destroy as many tiles as possible to quickly clear them before they have a chance to touch the bottom of the screen. If you can not do it well, you have to play it again from the beginning. Each brick of Bricks Breaker Puzzle for Android is numbered corresponding to the number of hits to destroy it. Therefore, the player needs to calculate the angle smartly.

How to play Bricks Breaker Puzzle for Android

  1. Shoot the ball with a slight touch on its position on the screen
  2. Choose the best shot angle so that it collides with many bricks at the same time.
  3. The bricks will be destroyed when their durability drops to zero
  4. Break the bricks and never let them touch the bottom of the screen

Features of Bricks Breaker Puzzle for Android

  • Play for free
  • Easy gameplay
  • Abundant gameplay modes
  • Supports cell mode
  • Multiplayer support
  • Tablet support
  • Support for low profile devices
  • Show achievements and excellent player rankings board
  • Perform the competition with many other players around the world

If you like Brick Breaker: Classic Block, Brick Breaker Blitz …, Brick Breaker Puzzle for Android is your best choice. The simple but not easy gameplay of the game will bring you hours of fun entertainment. Download Bricks Breaker Puzzle mod apk for free at, let’s install it and experience it right away.


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