Breakers: Dawn of Heroes

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Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is an exciting mobile role-playing game, in which you absolutely cannot use the auto feature. All your character’s combat activities must be controlled by yourself. This is also the father of the GetAmped series on both PC and mobile platforms in recent times.

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes APK download for Android

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is a fighting game, which has recently released in English. The game was developed and released by CyberStep from Japan. The highlights of this game may be the character control mechanism, 3D graphics with anime style and cute Chibi image. Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is available for free on the Play Store. If you are using an Android device running 4.4 or higher, you can download the game and experience it now.

Entering the world of Breakers: Dawn of Heroes, the player will control a group of students who possess the special power, fighting with a lot of monsters. Your mission is to beat these monster and bring the safety to the people who live there. With the student group’s power, you can use them to confront the enemy and win.

Breaker: Dawn of Heroes fighting mechanism is built in a unique style, instead of the virtual control key like other action games in the Dawn of Heroes series, the player can control the character by touching the screen. They can use different fingers to help their characters move, dodge, attack or use kill combos to maximize damage to enemies. Therefore, to create a combo, you will have to concentrate, perform the touching operation throughout the screen Players can see that Breakers: Dawn of Heroes definitely give you the interesting combat experiences.

The game has a lot of interesting features for the player to explore, such as the story mode, bringing players into the world of Dawn of Heroes (Mod APK), meet the character, who has different characteristic, from cool to vivacious, chubby or the co-op mode allows you to invite friends or other players to join in the fight with the bosses and earn amazing rewards. Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is currently released as a free-2-play game with in-app purchase, allowing players to buy some items for real money.

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes key features:

  • An engaging plot, which the player can be adventured in a fantasy world.
  • Multi-tasks system.
  • The unique control mechanism.
  • Various game modes, fight with giant bosses.


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