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Launched in late 2013, Brave Frontier – the role-playing game was developed by Alim Studio and released by has attracted millions of players around the world. Brave Frontier is a turn-based combined role-playing game developed on a 2D graphics platform. When you join the game, you will play a summoner of “Grand Gaia” – the world of the gods.Your mission is to find and summon the most powerful monsters and warriors to fight against the evil world of Maxwell. Coming to Brave Frontier mod, you will be immersed in a mythical and colorful mythical world with over 200 different characters, countless lands to explore. Your main mission in the game is defeating all the evils, during your adventures, you will meet many new friends then they will help you in the war.

Brave Frontier has simple gameplay, easy to play but extremely attractive. If anyone has ever played JRPG games then it is easy to start the game right away. You will start the game by choosing one of the four character classes. These characters include one of 4 attributes: Earth, Thunder, Water, Fire. Of course, at the first level, your heroes are very weak, but you can upgrade them during the mission. The units in the game are arranged in squads, a squad of up to 5 units, while on the quest you can borrow one more unit in your friends list, so all 6 units will join in the war. Up to the latest version, the game has 1-6 stars units sorted by strength and rarity. The strength of the unit in the game also depends on four indicators: HP, Attack, Defend, Recover.

Mod feature:

  • High ZEL reward
  • High karma remuneration
  • Automatic beat the enemy

Important Note: 

This mod for the Japanese version of this Game. You can see more versions: Brave Frontier Mod Latest version

How to install Brave Frontier Mod JP: Non-Rooted-Users – Signed

  1.  Backup your game data – to avoid data loss
  2. Uninstall your current version of game
  3. Download and install apk file of this MOD

If you are the type who like RPG games certainly Brave Frontier will make you happy. Currently, the game can play well on both the iOS and Android operating systems. We offer a mod version with lots of exclusive features. You can download and install Brave Frontier Mod [JP] through the link below.


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