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Brave Frontier is a turn-based strategy role-playing game, which is developed by Alim Studio and released by After it launched in 2014, the game quickly received positive feedback from users and ranked the first position on Android and iOS app markets. Currently, Brave Frontier is still one of the most popular mobile games with the millions of downloads via the Play Store and Appstore. The developer is continually updating new content and events that make the Brave Frontier department have a great community of loyal players. For a long time, the next version of the game was officially released as Brave Frontier 2. The game still retains the great features of the previous version and added new features. Brave Frontier 2 is available for free on the Play Store and Appstore for both Android and iOS platforms.

Brave Frontier 2 Mod APK/English for Android

When you join Brave Frontier 2, you will play a Summoner of “Grand Gaia” – the world of the gods. Your mission is to find and summon the most powerful monsters, warriors to fight the evil, who have planned for the destruction of the evil Maxwell. Coming to Brave Frontier 2, you will be immersed in an abundant colorful mythical world with over 200 different characters and a lot of lands to explore. Brave Frontier 2 continues to impress players as they continue to provide new heroes with new skills. Players have to upgrade their heroes until they reach the maximum power.


Brave Frontier 2 has simple gameplay that is easy to grasp. But it is very attractive. If anyone has played through the JRPG, it is easy to start the game right away. If you have never played an RPG before, it will be fine because at the beginning of the game there was a detailed tutorial and easy to understand. You will start by selecting one of the four primary unit classes: Earth, Thunder, Water, Fire. These heroes are in basic form, you will be able to upgrade them during the game. After each level, the heroes will be added more indicators as well as unlock new skills.

Like the previous version, it is easy to see that the game continues to apply a systematic part of gameplay. There are all 6 properties in the game and they are as follows: Earth against the storm, clay against water and fire, fire and dark against light. The opposition will cause more damage and vice versa. For example, a unit with a water attribute that attacks a unit with a fire attribute will deal more damage and, in turn, a fire attribute that attacks water properties with less damage. The two dark attributes, light against each other and cause more damage when attacks or attacked.

The evolution of your character.

This is the great feature in the game – Evolution. When you max up a unit, you can evolve them into a much cooler shape, and the power will be increased significantly, which can make you think of gameplay in Pokemon. However, it is much more difficult in Brave Frontier 2 by upgrading one hero to 6 stars. It is not easy. So, how to admire this interesting feature? First, you have to fuse units to evolve with other unused units. They are called raw units. The way to find the best quality material is in Metal Paradise. Then you have to earn the full sacrifice unit in the last step. You access the evolve unit in the game, choose units to evolve and enjoy it.


Brave Frontier 2 continues using the same 2D graphics engine as its predecessor. You will find that there are not too many graphical upgrades to this game. Heroes in the game will still be designed with the familiar style of the first version. The characters in the game are carefully scrutinized in every detail. There are hundreds of different heroes. But each character in Brave Frontier 2 is designed with unique features that you can easily identify. The only common feature in the design was the simplicity of the costume and character shape at the first level and became more detailed, stronger after evolution.

The scenery of the game is beautifully designed, from the vast prairie to the blaze of red volcanoes, or the castle dark shadow, which are present in the game. The colors in the game are also very fresh and diverse.


Brave Frontier 2 is fully deserved with the phrase “super game” with impressive 2D graphics, gameplay and excellent sound. You can download the game with the link below now and become a Summoner in the mysterious Brave Frontier 2 world.


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