Bowmasters 3

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Bowmasters – A 2D Action Game Worth Playing

Bowmasters is really a game worth playing because it’s free but because of what it brings. A beautiful graphics, rich modes and characters that are difficult to have for free.

Bowmasters 3
Bowmasters is developed in the style of Aim and Shoot. The rules to play quite similar to the blockbuster in this series of games like Angry Birds, Gunny or Gunbound. The player’s task is to adjust the direction and calculate the firing force accordingly to hit the target. When the enemy’s health bar returns to 0, you have won!

Bowmasters 3
The Bowmasters game is suitable for all players, helping you relieve stress and kill time effectively. Despite being a shooter, thanks to brilliant animation graphics, the gameplay becomes much softer. Players will in turn meet 30 familiar characters in Bowmasters like Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Deadpool or Skrillex

Main features of Bowmasters

– More than 41 characters with their own shapes and personalities to unlock for free.
– Online mode between many people.
– Over 41 weapons to fight.
– Can play pairing with friends.
– Many fun game modes like shooting birds, shooting apples, playing antagonists and earning money from your winnings.
– Receive unlimited rewards thanks to your accurate aiming skills.

The simple rules

The main way of playing the game Bowmasters is quite simple, that is to target the enemy with different types of objects depending on the character that the player chooses. You can imagine it is similar to the cult-like game that once was Gunny or “Throwing Slipper” that we used to play in the old days.
We will aim and shoot the enemy from an angle by moving the finger up or down and the force is strong by pulling the finger to the left, pulling the farther away the stronger the force. After each game, if you win, you will get regular money to buy more characters

Many game modes

The highlight of this game is to support many different game modes, namely 6 modes. They will be unlocked in turn if you meet its requirements. Mainly here is enough to win.
Game modes of Bowmasters:
1. Online PvP
This is online mode, you will be playing with other players or your friends through Game Center. Game Center will automatically find other players to pair with you. But basically, this mode has not been optimized.
2. Vs Computer
This is the mode that you will fight with the character created by the computer (bot), this mode is also very interesting when the system will randomly select a certain character to fight with you.
3. Bird hunt
This mode will allow you to shoot birds flying in the sky within 60 seconds and your character will change weapons after each failed or successful shot.
4. Tournaments
This is the mode that will be opened eventually if you win 20 games when playing in “Vs Computer” mode. This mode will allow you to battle many other opponents created automatically by the computer. There are 3 levels from easy to difficult, they will be opened in turn if you win the previous round. You will have a final reward depending on each level.
5. Vs friends
If you want to fight with your friends, you can play this mode. Each person will choose one character and fight each other in turn. The gameplay is similar to “Vs Computer”.
6. Apple Shooting
This is definitely the biggest challenge mode in the game. Your mission is to shoot the fruits on the character’s head, the difficulty will be increased every time you hit. The character will stand farther away and of course the fruit on the head will be small. If you hit the character, it will take 1 turn, and 3 turns so you lose.

Beautiful interface
The new interface is what makes the player fascinated because it looks so beautiful, and all the characters in the game are designed in a flat style that is the current trend. Each character, weapon, wallpaper in the game until the effects when death characters are also elaborately elaborated, looking very beautiful.
Each character will be tied to a separate weapon, and the way it approaches the opponent is also different. This will help players not boring but will be attracted to each character.
Interface to select the game’s character
In order to own the character you need to have gold coins (which can be earned through game modes), the higher the character, the more powerful weapons. There are also a few characters you will have to buy with real money for 2 USD – 4 USD.
Multi-dimensional support
Currently, it is rare for games like Bowmasters to support multi-dimensional screens. You can rotate it horizontally or vertically. The interface of the game automatically adjusts to your screen when you turn it anywhere.
The game supports languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.



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