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Have you ever felt bored with default plain keyboard of your Android phone? Have you ever wanted to text message in a more interesting and unique way? If the answer is yes, Boto Keyboard is the excellent app for you. Boto Keyboard is a great emoji keyboard with awesome features which are emoji, theme, emoticon and GIF. Boto Keyboard can turn you normal keyboard into something much cuter and more beautiful. Let’s check out those wonderful features by dơnloading Boto Keyboard right now, this app is the latest product from Fotoable,Inc, the developer of other famous applications like Palette Paris, Palette HK

Key features Boto Keyboard APK:

A variety of keyboard themes
Boto Keyboard offers plenty of themes for your keyboard which are all cute and colorful. They will definitely make your phone become more attractive. You can choose the themes that you like the most then switch between them regularly.

Customize your keyboard theme
If you don’t like any available theme, you can choose your own photo from the gallery and apply it to your keyboard.

Charming emojis
You can type many cute emojis to express your mood. This is an amazing way when you are chatting with your friends. Let’s have fun even when you can not talk face to face.

Cute GIFs
There are a lot of animated GIFs that are really lovely for you to use like Little Monster or Cute puppy …

Humorous emoticons
Boto Keyboard provides more than 100 emoticons so that you can freely use them when chatting with your friends. Let’s make chatting become much funnier with Boto Keyboard.

Intelligent word prediction
You don’t need to type every single word anymore because Boto Keyboard can predict what you are going to type, so it can save much time and help you type faster.

Auto spelling correction
You don’t have to worry about misspelled words anymore. Boto Keyboard has the ability to correct words that you type wrongly or miss out space.

Stylish fonts
You can try various extraordinary fonts with Boto Keyboard if you are fed up with your formal and boring fonts.

Lively sounds
Whenever you type, there will be sounds coming out like drum, waterdrop, frog, piano …

In short, Boto Keyboard APK is worth checking out due to its cool features. Let’s try something completely new and cute as well as transform your default keyboard into a lovely one.


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