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Boom Beach is one of the most leading strategy games today with more than 50 million downloads. In the latest update, Boom Beach has added a lot of improvements and bug fixes in previous versions. If you’ve ever played Clash of Clans, you’ll probably find some similarities in Boom Beach: animated graphics, resource management, familiar tower defense. However, different from the Nordic context in the Clash of Clans, players will float at sea, move and build military bases on the beautiful tropical islands.

Download Boom Beach Mod Unlimited Diamond/Gem (APK+Data) latest version

In this game, players will have the opportunity to explore the wilderness islands, explore, collect resources on the island and build a military base. This is a strategic game, you must plan for a certain strategy, safety, and effectiveness. This strategy will determine how to build a military base.

In the default gameplay mode, you will be confronted by the hostile Blackguard. They captured the islands around your base and enslaved them. The player’s mission is to rescue and regain freedom for the islands.

In addition to the above game mode, Boom Beach also allows you to build troops to fight with other players in PvP double-hit mode. At that point, the player can train ships to attack other islands and extend their power. Your troops will move to neighboring islands, move towards the enemy base, avoid their defensive firepower and eventually take over their opponents.

When conducting these military campaigns, the best players should be prepared. For example, you will gain a great advantage with the help of the gunboat. At that time, the raiders of the player will be offshore guns to support his back when penetrating the enemy base. At the same time using flares will also help the player locate the attack more easily. If necessary, you can even launch missiles to knock down enemy defenses. In addition to the weapons, players also need to equip the equipment for his military.

Boom Beach Mod APK is an addictive strategy game for Android

One point to keep in mind is that if you can attack the island of another player, they can completely “visit” your island. Actually, this happens quite often. When players exit the game to return to real life, the opponents in Boom Beach will take the opportunity to attack their base. By logging on next time, the sight they came across may be from a solid fortification system, where the island is left empty.

Will you wonder why you are defeated? Do not worry because Boom Beach (Mod APK+data) has an option that allows the player to watch the full replay. After watching this video, players can re-analyze their base building, see defenses, where their weaknesses are, and find ways to consolidate their turret system. If you are interested in the strategy games like Empire, Clash of Clans, you definitely cannot ignore this title. Quickly download Boom Beach APK mod to your phone/tablet and discover the game attraction.

Key features of Boom Beach (Mod APK+data):

  • Join the adventures on the beautiful tropical archipelago which contains endless treasures and the dangers.
  • Playing with other players: attack the enemy base.
  • Attack the islands are occupied Blackguard and regain freedom for the people on these islands.
  • Facing the great boss in the game, beat this last door to smash Blackguard’s dark plan.
  • Discover the mystery of the ancient statues on the island as well as the secrets of life through the Life Crystal.

New features:

  • You can now test bases created by the “Build Platform” program on Android.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the resource, the Victory Medal in the attacks.
  • Fixed “Can not Synchronize” when scouting grounds.
  • High-resolution textures are supported for many types of devices.


You guys can download and play Boom Beach Mod APK Android for free. However, to own some special items in the game, you need to use real money to buy. If you do not want to use this feature, you should lock in the in-app purchase (IAP) on your Android settings.

Due to the character of the game, Boom Beach MOd APK is only suitable for players from teenager ages.

Boom Beach Tips, Tricks & Strategies

For Boom Beach you do not have to spend a lot of time to play, we just need to catch 10 experiences to win in Boom Beach.

  1. When attacking.

Players do not need to pay much attention to the defensive system of the enemy, just focus fire on the building, try to break the main house as fast as possible, when there are guards to the main house to destroy them.

Reconnaissance is also important to gain an overview of the battlefield, the range of the enemy and the range of the enemy, and how to plan the combat.

  1. Protect your resources with Vault houses and boats

In order to avoid being hijacked by the enemy, invest a Vault to keep gold and timber.

  1. Understand the characteristics of each type of soldier.

– Heavy units can get more damage and cause negligible damage. So, put these troops on the head to play a “tanker” role in the battle.

– Rifleman is very powerful when attacked by the masses, however, the loading capacity of this type of troops is quite slow.

– Zooka is the most inflicting unit in the game. Place them behind the Heavy.

– Combine the troops in a rational way. The best ratio is the Rifleman> Zooka> 1 to 2 Heavy. You can win easily if you follow this ratio.

The car has a great firepower but gains additional damage from the cannon, boom cannon, and boom mines.

-Tribal warriors are the least important, but still worth fighting for with healing.

  1. Understand how to defend:

– Proper use of weapons and houses when attacked, the survival rate will be high.

– Boom cannon deals a huge amount of damage, but the reloading time is extremely long. Place some normal Boom and Mine around to protect them from infantry.

Cannon deals a large amount of damage to a single target, most effective against heavy and armored units.

– Flamethrowers are very effective in destroying large numbers of infantry at close range. Machine Gun has the same effect but effective at medium range.

– Mortal and Rocket Launcher specialize in far distance attacks. Although the loading time is very long as it is very useful in destroying tanks or units with large blood/armor.

– There are always a few Sniper towers in your defense. This is a very useful defensive unit.

  1. Clearing the cloud to open more opportunities to conquer.

– When you remove clouds, there have buildings that are very important resources for you, prioritize clear clouds first.

– Focus on upgrading radar and show patience, not fighting to the extent of leaving your island, there will be someone to bring troops to attack.

  1. Understand the characteristics of the main house.

– Home is the most important so you lose the main home means that you lose a lot of precious resources.

– The suburbs will also cause the main house to lose blood when destroyed.

– Upgrade your home as fast as you can to unlock other features in the game.

– Upgrade of the main house is 20.

  1. Use Gem at the right time.

– Gems are hard to find so you should use the right time, the activities need less time you should not use gems cause waste.

– It is impossible to change the clock on your phone to get gems.

  1. Blackguard Mercenaries are friends in the friend list.

The more territory you have, the more chances you will get to participate in new battles and enemy attacks.

– When discovering a Blackguard Mercenaries, understand that this is the island of friends in your friend list. This is the multiplayer version of the game so let’s combine fighting with friends.

  1. Digging trees to earn extra lumber.

– Use of diamonds to buy wood at home is missing at the beginning because the wood is very rare.

– Dig for 600 gold and 300 wood with the shovel icon.

  1. Build more houses to earn more money.

– To go out to capture other islands, you have to pay a large amount of money

– To have a stable and sustainable economy, you should build more homes and upgrade them.



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