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Farm game genres are developing after the success of Stardew Valley on PCs and switches. On the mobile platform, Blocky Farm on October 26 after a long period of development has released. In this game, it is not just farm building but also a lot of other interactions like doing business, management or connecting with other players.

Download Blocky Farm APK + Mod Gold/Diamond for Android

Blocky Farm is an interesting farm game on Android, in which the player will be assigned to manage an old farm and your task is to develop it. At the beginning of the game, the players will be shown a short trailer introducing the farm you will be managing. It is an old farmhouse left by your grandparents, where you used to live your whole childhood with pets, play in the warehouse and lots of great things. Now, you will become the owner of this farm with the task of making it develop.

From the first look, you will realize that Blocky Farm has similarities with Hay Day – one of the most popular farm games on Android. However, the game will have many differences that you will discover. One of the biggest differences is the familiar Minecraft-style graphics with square blocks. The colour of Blocky Farm is also well suited to a lovely farm game.

Simple and addictive gameplay:

The activities in Blocky Farm are simple and familiar. At the beginning, you have to repair the house – where you will be, and Silo – where everything will be stored. The necessary architecture that you will use in the game is chicken coop, garage … Blocky Farm brings activities like a real farm such as planting, cutting grass, harvesting rice, feeding the pets like chicken… In the game, it’s not just farm construction. It is also a space to mimic your connections to the world around you. This includes caring for their poultry, harvesting agricultural products, and transporting them to the town for sale.

2 playing modes:

Unlike Hay Day, Blocky Farm does not require the mandatory internet connection when playing games with both online and offline modes. On the Online mode: you can create your own Minecraft style garden or compete with other players around the world with game events to receive exciting rewards.

Unique and cute graphics:

Simple gameplay combined with 2D graphics is sure to make many people enjoy. In addition to the most noticeable is the square graphics of the game, which is colourful and very well used in conjunction with the surrounding environment. The beautiful scenery of a peaceful countryside.

Key features of Blocky Farm for Android:

  • Become a farm manager with the task of developing everything
  • Build your farm and expand it
  • Many tasks to complete, pick the fruit in real time.
  • Daily tasks.
  • Connect with other players, trade and exchange your items.
  • Impressive and impressive 3D graphics.


Although there are a lot of mobile farm games right now, Blocky Farm for Android deserves to be the name you should try because of the impressive graphics and addictive gameplay with the Multimode that allows you to compete with the other players. It is really a worthy game to relax after work or after school.


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