Blend It 3D

Blend It 3D

Uploaded: June 19th, 2020
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Blend It 3D

Blend It 3D is an entertaining game for those who love fruits and fruits with the task of creating delicious, delicious juice or smoothies from many fruits to serve the customers who are waiting. In Blend It 3D you will be a beach beverage shop owner, take orders from customers trying to meet their needs.

Blend It 3D

Blend It 3D is a light entertainment game on mobile devices, where you will create your own fruit juices to help refresh guests on hot summer days. In the game you will manage and own a drinking water shop on the beach, where there are tourists who are resting and they are ready to visit your drinking shop. You are provided with some fresh fruits, grinders and mixing tools, take a few minutes to make a delicious smoothie.

So is the mixing process difficult and how does it work? First, consider the tools. You need to have a blender or dispenser accordingly. Then comes the fruits. When everything is ready, you just need to touch the screen to push the ingredients down to the rotating blades. Remember, a pineapple or a carrot also has green leaves and stems. They are very bitter, your customers do not want to enjoy this taste!

Blend It 3DBlend It 3D

Everything seemed to be done and could be delivered to waiting guests outside the counter. But not! You should decorate to have a better aesthetic, contributing to stimulate the ability of everyone’s perception. Change the type of cup, add effects of snow, fire, thunder or add straws with a unique shape.

The work of preparing the head from the glass of simple carrot juice. When visitors visit your store, they will also bring surprises. This surprise extends to every item that Blend It 3D has. From mugs, fruits, to dispensers and decorations.

Blend It 3DBlend It 3D

Of course, when tools and materials are richer, you have the opportunity to show your personal talent and learn more new formulas. For example, create a mixed drink from carrots, chocolate and watermelon or fresh lemon with ice cream and ice! How will customers be excited to enjoy flavors they have never tried in their lifetime? They will soon show that by the emotions and judgments the system makes when the challenge is completed!

As a reward for those who excel, completing a stage or challenges will give you a lucky spin. There, you have the opportunity to receive items such as dispensers, gold coins or rare fruits.

Blend It 3D design beach scenery is quite nice and airy, your customers will also have some requirements for drinking water that you hope to meet. Blend It 3D is really fun activities when you try to play the role of a chef, mix many new ingredients to make the blender vibrate. It is also suitable for teaching children to do housework, to practice some things related to a blender.

Blend It 3D Blend It 3D

Key features of Blend It 3D:

– Game making smoothies, fruit juice.

– Choice of fresh and fresh fruit ingredients.

– Mix ingredients in a blender.

– Practice many types of smoothies.

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