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Bleach: Soul Tear is a popular Hack n Slash game developed by GoPay, a Chinese game company based on the popular manga of the same name. Bleach: Soul Tear Mod APK latest version is currently available on the Play Store and you can download the game for free by the link provided below.

Bleach: Soul Tear Mod APK download Android

Ichigo Kurosaki is a teenager who has the ability to see the soul. His life changes when he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a dying god and a member of the realm. When fighting a demonic hunter who has spiritual powers. Rukia has given Ichigo his power so he can save his family. But to Rukia’s surprise, Ichigo has absorbed all her power. When he becomes a Death God, Ichigo soon learns that his world is filled with dangerous souls. Along with Rukia, who is slowly recovering his powers, Ichigo’s job is to protect the innocent from the devils and helps the souls find a place to rest.

Bleach: Soul Tear Mod Features:

  1. Infinite endurance
  2. Infinite mp/mana/reiryoku (referred to reiryoku in game)
  3. High damage
  4. God mode
  5. No skill cooldown.

Joining the game, the player controls the main character Ichigo and begins his journey to destroy the evil spirits. You will not be alone if your teammates come along with you. They will assist you in battles with dangerous enemies. Bleach: Soul Tear is similar to the same genre game when it comes to dangerous bosses. And strong, you and your teammates have to destroy them if you want to finish the game.

It is not easy to win, but you will receive a great reward when they are destroyed. Bleach: Soul Tear allows players to customize their character with new equipment, you can upgrade your character’s weaponry, purchase support items in the battle, upgrade skills to increase damage while attacking. The player can create a maximum of 3 people for adventure to fight through many environments, challenging and can easily switch between heroes in battle. The virtual buttons on the touch screen of Bleach: Soul Tear is also designed simply and often like the game of the same type.

Key features of Bleach: Soul Tear:

  • The game has a special plot
  • Beautiful graphics, dynamic sound
  • Big game backgrounds, engaging gameplay.
  • The game is highly tactical

Bleach: Soul Tear  Mod APK is the epic 3D action game for Android and iOS, with a good storyline, nice graphics, intensively fighting skills. Bleach fans can download Bleach Brave Souls latest mod version for free on Android and join the adventure with the familiar characters.


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