Blade and Soul Revolution

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Netmarble is one of the most popular game developers in Korea with the games for the Android and iOS mobile platforms. You can spend a lot of time playing all the games that the company has released because of their quality. The Netmarble’s games have very good graphics and compelling gameplay. The game developer has recently released a new game title, which is promising to be one of the best mobile RPG game of the year. The game is named Blade and Soul Revolution.

Download Blade and Soul Revolution APK/IPA + OBB for Android/iOS

Blade and Soul Revolution was developed base on MMORPG game named Blade and Soul of NCsoft. For those who do not know, Blade and Soul is a proprietary MMORPG for the PC platform launched in early 2012. With a very attractive non-target gameplay and a perfect 3D graphics platform built by Unreal Engine 3 technology. Blade and Soul game has attracted a great deal of attention from gamers worldwide. It is considered the perfect mobile version of this game with the same gameplay and story.

Impressive action gameplay

Blade and Soul Revolution is an MMORPG in a fantasy world, in which players engage in adventures through various lands and fight against enemies.
The fighting style in the game is built with fast, powerful rhythm. The movement of the character and the battle is a realistic simulation and beautiful effects, which makes this game has both similar and different characteristic from the PC version, promises to be very attractive. Gameplay is similar to the PC version of the non-target game, you can freely create your own fighting style, free to move and fight without being constrained like playing the same game genre. It is a very interesting experience for new gamers.

Good storyline and abundant mission system

Blade & Soul offers thrilling plot with a mysterious world of different races. Gamers will really immerse themselves in these virtual world stories through deep insights and knots throughout the mission. Players can select one of four classes, including Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, and Kung Fu Master. Each character will have unique characteristics, unique skill system, and a storyline.
The mission system of Blade and Soul Revolution is very abundant with hundreds of missions, and you can open new missions while you are doing another mission.

There is no Pay to Win feature

Pay to Win – which is a problem that many people do not like in online games – will not be in Blade & Soul Evolution. The game still has Cash Shop system. But you just buy some cool clothing items and some other raw materials, absolutely do not affect too much on the strength of the character.

Download Blade and Soul Revolution APK for Android

Blade and Soul Revolution is the perfect mobile version of this game title, you can download Blade and Soul Revolution now and experience one of the best MMORPGs on mobile.


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