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Bitmoji is a fun emoticon application on your Android phone. Users can freely create emoji in the most distinctive, personal style. The virtual keyboard available in the Bitmoji will help users create an avatar, then create more faces and accessories, customize the mood to add impressions in the conversation, or message to friends. Download the free Bitmoji APK for Android to become your own creative emoticons.

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji APK download latest/Update

Today, emoticon icons are very popular in mobile conversation through Chat applications. Back in the years when users use Yahoo Messenger, emoticons are very simple, not very rich. However, later on, the emotion icons change a lot from the icon to the icon attached to the words, variations in a lot of different styles. That will help the chat no longer dry, less boring. Bitstrips launches a new Bitmoji application that automatically creates a new emoji emoticon, in which users create their own avatars and use them while chatting with their friends or using their own avatars with different ways of variation.

Bitmoji latest version is one of the best applications of 2014 released by Google. This is a useful tool that allows users to design their own emoticons or choose from a huge collection of images available for use in conversations with you. It’s the most popular free instant messenger application available today. In particular, you can customize the outfit, appearance or add the fun text attached without any limits. Bitmoji is ideal for those who want to get rid of the default emoji of Facebook, Viber or Skype.


Bitmoji has a virtual keyboard so that users can easily create emoticons. What’s new compared to other emoticons is that the Bitmoji does not have emoji available, which first requires the user to create emoji from the most basic steps: choosing faces, hair, clothes, accessories and so on, and then use those avatars to transform them with more lively, funky voices. Bitmoji for Android will create an opportunity for users to create their own humorous personal style.

How to use Bitmoji on Android:

First, to use the Bitmoji APK latest, you will create a personal account with simple information. Once you have an account, users will start creating emoji for themselves. Bitmoji supports users to create an avatar by gender, and bring the characteristics of each gender. Next, you will create a face for an avatar with many different types such as round face, oval face, square face, pointed chin, … Also, the application also allows you to choose skin color, style and hair color, eyebrows, etc. After choosing the faces for an avatar, choosing the shape of people is as important as skinny, tall, fat, .. and variations of different styles of clothing for the avatar. From the very first simple steps, there are many options available to you to spoil your artistic talents.

The usage of the Bitmoji is not too difficult, as the application will guide you step by step to set up a virtual keyboard with the emoticons you created yourself. Select Setting, then General to Keyboard, then Keyboards, then add the BitmojiVirtual keyboard. The application will allow you to connect to Facebook Messenger, and when chatting with friends on Facebook has more emoji emotions, new and unique. Bitmoji will provide unique emoticons such as love you lots, cheer ups, and the like. If you want to design different status and icons, the application supports you edit the frame, change the situation, and add much interesting new imagery that you think. Once you are satisfied with the icons, select the icon and enter the data and paste are able to send the icon to others. If the app does not support such college, you just save the photo and share it from within the app. There are 6 items available in the app: new logos, questions, happy, fun, boring, or greetings for an event. Added a feature that users can share emotions via Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Viber…

The free Bitmoji for Android brings users emotional world created by themselves, bearing their own personality. Users can freely choose, create avatars in different new styles, use existing states or design additional basic lines. Bitmoji not only makes your chat funnier but it also opens up a lot of unique creations for users.

Main features of Bitmoji on Android:

  • Create the animated avatar with vivid expression.
  • Choose from the huge sticker library on Bitmoji to customize your avatar.
  • Use Bitmaps on SnapChat, iMessage and any service that supports Emoji.

How to use Bitmoji APK app in SnapChat: SnapChat has officially integrated their applications into their products to better serve users. The application we are talking about is Bitmoji – a software that creates comic book stickers.

However, it is not available in Snapchat. If you want to use the stickers with this style, users need to download additional Bitmaps application on the machine and make connections with Snapchat.

To use this application, users need to do the following:

  1. Download and install the SnapChat APK on your phone.
  2. Download and install Bitmaps that correspond to the operating system of the device.
  3. Log in to your Snapchat account.
  4. Make a Bitmapped connection with SnapChat. You need to download both applications simultaneously (because Bitmoji not fully integrated with Snapchat).

Create a Bitmoji account:

Step 1: You can always log in to the Snapchat account to use Bitmoji, but in this article, we will show you how to use Bitmoji first. After the installation is successful, you open the application create this sticker, select the Open in the first message. Touch Create Bitmoji to create a new Bitmoji account.

Step 2: From here we will proceed to create, design “portraits” for yourself. First, select the Male-Female gender and select the desired photo style, Bitmoji or Bitstrips.


Step 3: Choose the parts you want or feel the most comfortable, like yourself from the suggestions below. All parts of the face: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, or eye color, skin color … and even hundreds of cute, super stylish outfits. Available for the user to choose. Just touch the corresponding image to use or use the two arrow symbols to change to the next.

Step 4: Select Agree & Connect to connect your Bitmoji account to your SnapChat account. Select Turn ON to allow Bitmozies to send notifications to us.

Step 5: Instructions for activating Bitmoji with the list of icons and stickers of this application.

Step 6: Select a random icon to view, save or use it. Can be sent or posted to Facebook, Gmail, Twitter…

Step 7: At the main interface of Bitmoji, can go to the settings icon (saw chain) to see more settings.

Use Bitmoji in SnapChat:

Step 1: You exit the main screen / go to Snapchat / select Settings. This is an operation to change Bitmoji to your liking with Snapshots.

Step 2: In the chat window with friends, you select the smiley icon right above the interface to compose the message, instant emoticons, the stickers in the style of Bitmoji will. Not only is it easy to use, but also plentiful and customizable. The users can customize their stickers as they like, or use them in conjunction with the old Snapchat emoticons you like. The above are basic guidelines for us to use the cute and cute comic book stickers of Bitmap on Snapchat.

We hope with this tutorial, your conversations with other friends and family members will be funnier and more laughter.


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