Bike Race Pro 3

Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games apk mod

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Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games apk mod

Bike Race Free is one of the crazy speed racing games on mobile. Challenge yourself on winding tracks and enjoy fun with millions of other players around the world in this free racing game!

Bike Race Pro 3

In this playground, gamers will be able to use a large block of bunkers, crossing winding roads winding in the air and deadly bends. Here, feel free to perform crazy stunts or throw people into the air and roll around.

Bike Race Pro 3

Bike Race Free game has 2 game modes including single player and multiplayer. Single player mode will be a perfect choice for beginners and are trying to hone their driving skills. In contrast, multiplayer mode allows gamers to compete with other online players, from amateur riders to professionals.
In terms of control mechanisms, when you experience Bike Race Free you will feel like it is similar to Hill Climb Racing games and MX Motocross. To control a race car, the player tilts the phone to the left or right to pick up the head or wish the car head down. Besides, there are acceleration and brake buttons on the screen.
Single player mode allows gamers to go through dozens of different racing locations. The locations will gradually be unlocked when the player completes all levels or ends the road at the current race venue. Depending on your ability to drive and the amount of time to complete the game screen, the game will evaluate from 1 to 3 stars.
Initially, when joining the game, surely gamers will feel a bit confused and confused a bit. However, after experiencing it for a while, you will be more proficient, know when to brake, when to accelerate, overcome dangerous bends or avoid walls. However, if you are unfortunately stumbled into steps and disintegrated into pieces, do not worry because you can replay many times until the goal is completed.

Outstanding features of Bike Race Free game:

Bike Race Pro 3

– Addictive racing gameplay
– This game has a new game mode called Tournaments.
– Racing competes with millions of other riders in multiplayer mode.
– Train your driving skills in single player mode.
– Fun playground.
– Simple and intuitive control system.
– Challenge friends on Facebook.
– Play games without Internet connection with single player mode.
– Unique features
Forget the silly racing game and become a world number one racer, master your driving skills. People often say, hard work is successful. So, start practicing and practicing now to become a racer dominating the world of racing. Certainly Bike Race Free will bring you hours of entertainment extremely comfortable, full of joy.

Details of user-created levels

If you want to experience more screens, you can completely create your own levels every day. However, to do this, users need to buy a level package. You can play for free with unlimited levels created by friends if you have their codes.
In addition, gamers can also play free levels unlimitedly shared by other users on the Internet. Note that users cannot create levels on mobile devices.

Play the game anywhere

You can play free racing games without an Internet connection. Experience the joy of racing while traveling in the subway, when in an airplane, sitting in a car on the road, in a temple or even in a toilet.

Use less data

This free game does not consume as much data as other games. So you can freely surf the web, watch videos or listen to music …

Compatible and supported

Developers build applications that are compatible with all Android tablets and phones, and help them work smoothly.

Suitable for all ages

Bike Race Free is a healthy, non-violent game as well as sensitive images and adults. This is a simple game, so you can comfortably play with your children, and experience fun moments together.
In general, although there are quite a few challenges that are hard to frustrate, Bike Race Free is still a free speed racing game worth a try. Simple interface, beautiful images and will entice gamers into hours of experience. Download Bike Race Free on your device and help make this weekend less boring!


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