Big Farm: Mobile Harvest 3.1.11210 Mod Apk

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Playing Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, you will be immersed in the country life, to grow, breed any animal that you love and earn a lot of money to upgrade your farm.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest 3.1.11210 Mod APK unlimited Gold/Money Download Latest/Update

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is the latest farm game for Android, developed by Zero Studio, which is highly rated by users for its addictive gameplay and friendly graphics. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod APK latest version is available at APKgalaxy for you to download and experience right now.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Money (Dolar)
  • Free shopping


Big Farm: Mobile Harvest has a short storyline. You will be given a farm by uncle Geogle.  Unfortunately, this place is really old and vacant for many years. Your task is to redevelop this place as prosperous as it once was. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is a game with real challenges that make you become a real farmer when you are doing all the daily farm works.

Becoming a real farmer:

You are offered some money and land to start the cultivation. The plant will grow on a timed system, you will have to wait for a few minutes, a few hours, even days before you can harvest the product, sow seeds and touch the crops to harvest.

Planting: touch the bare plots and sow the seeds that are available in the basket icon. There are many common crops that you can plant. Organic plants make you more profitable in the long term because they are reusable. High-dimensional transgenic plants, which are sown by friends and re-planted, are also profitable if you sell them. You will not be called farming if you do not raise livestock; Raise more cattle and poultry and wait for them to grow, and harvest it.

Moreover, not only do you have to work, you also have to manage everything on the farm such as having to earn money for new tools. For example, when you build a dairy or ice cream maker, you will process your product and sell with more money.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest also has daily quests that players have to complete if they want to get rewards, such as buying some pets or making a thread of fabric or creating custom products. You can find deals in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest to increase your farm investment and improve the performance of bakeries, workshops and other production facilities. Players can also buy bigger trailers to carry larger quantities of goods to the market for sale.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Features:

  • Grow and produce more than 100 products.
  • Attractive pet system.
  • All free.
  • Become a real farmer on your own farm.
  • Build your own farm as you want.
  • Connect with friends when they play.
  • Diverse daily task systems bring you valuable rewards.
  • Exchange free trade of products and goods with other players.
  • Help, trade and share with friends.
  • Cute images and sounds create a lively farm.
  • Game is light, smooth and runs well on almost Android devices

If you have ever loved the green farms, Hay Day dairy herds, or you’re a fan of farm games, you cannot ignore Big Farm: Mobile Farm. The new system with improved gameplay in terms of graphics and gameplay on mobile.

Not only being a farmer with the features of planting trees, raising animals, making friends, trading in the Big Farm: Mobile Harvest game also helps players experience the feeling of being a true business.


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