TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth]

Become the strongest vampire in the Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

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Become the strongest vampire in the Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

After a long journey of conquering audiences in many different areas, Tokyo Ghoul continues to hit the mobile platform with the latest game called Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War. Conceived by a combination of GameSamba publisher and developer Funimation, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War promises to bring players into the red-tinted world of blood and tears in the battle between humans and Devil which is specialized in cannibalism – Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is a mobile ARPG game that is officially authorized by Studio Pierrot and GameSamba. Players will experience the original plot of Tokyo Ghoul, collect favorite characters, face interesting challenges, fight with other players and debate in PvP events.

TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth]

Based on the original plot of the manga series, you play the role of Ken Kaieki, a university employee who has an organ transplant of a bloodthirsty demon. Since then, Ken Kaieki has always struggled to live in the world of cannibalism and deal with enemies, while keeping his body secret.

Tokyo Ghoul gameplay: Dark War still owns the basic elements of an ARPG game, players will control moving characters with virtual joystick and hit with virtual keys integrated on the screen quite familiar. Besides, the graphics in Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is also designed to be extremely eye-catching anime to help players easily immerse into the story of the game.

Moreover, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War also possesses extremely diverse characters of up to 50 people with extremely familiar faces in Tokyo Ghoul such as Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima, Rize Kamishiro… for players can recruit into the squad by completing day tasks, overcoming or collecting rewards from challenging milestones. Besides, each character can enhance equipment, upgrade skills to increase the power of the squad to help win the battle with the stronger and stronger enemies.

TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth]

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War also has the PvP Arena feature that allows players to dive into real-time battles with other players and win the highest ranking, and also receive extremely valuable in-game rewards.

Tokyo Ghoul gives you a sophisticated mobile experience. Easily command your team by simple and intuitive touch controls. Fight real enemies, not play with machines. With new generation graphics, lively music and original sound effects help you immerse yourself in the world of Tokyo Ghoul. Enjoy stunning game graphics as you fight on the dark Tokyo streets, Anteiku, CCG labs and other familiar locations in the anime game.

You can choose your favorite character, choose different Ghouls and CCG Investigators to fight with each other. Gather a group of more than 50 different characters, including Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishina and other popular anime characters. Even if the character is an opposition, they can still fight alongside your team when the player builds the strongest combination. Multi-dimensional character enhancement system allows gamers to develop characters in different ways. Collect, improve, develop, upgrade, equip and choose different character combinations to create the best team. Create a unique look of your own.

TOKYO GHOUL [:re birth]

Outstanding features of the Tokyo Ghoul game: Dark War

■ Characters from Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul: all appeared!

■ Beautiful anime images combining 2D illustrations with 3D models!

■ Combat system combining 6 people!

■ Advanced leveling system!

■ “Ghoul” and “People” fight for power in the “Territorial Battle”!

■ Fight with other players in “Strike”!

■ Fight powerful enemies in extreme battles, “Raid”!

The game has 2 game modes: Solo play or strong team play. You do not have to fight alone. Coordinate with other players to lower high level dungeons or fight down opponents in PvP mode Anrena or MOBA.




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