Gangstar Vegas - mafia game

Become a legend in Gangstar Vegas game

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Become a legend in Gangstar Vegas game

Gangstar Vegas is an attractive and fascinating third-person shooter from Gameloft, the name that created epic shooter titles like Six-Guns, Blitz Brigade and especially the Modern Combat series.

The story in this game takes place in Vegas, the city of gambling, where people can succeed or die in just a few moments. Players will play an emerging MMA champion and are being hunted by mafia organizations to force him to settle the score for matches. And of course, the champion won’t allow this to happen in their favor. You, as the protagonist, will hold the gun and stand up to protect your rights while destroying the gang of criminals, helping the city of Vegas become cleaner.

Gangstar Vegas - mafia game

In fact, in Gangstar Vegas is not just a simple shooting game. Role-playing as an MMA champion so of course in this game there will be no shortage of beautiful attacks and adventurous chases in Vegas streets. Besides, confronting the top criminals will allow players to manipulate criminal analysis skills to be able to calculate their plans and go one step ahead to sabotage those criminal plots.

Gangstar Vegas - mafia game

Some key features of Gangstar Vegas for Android

– Travel in the city of casinos – Las Vegas:

Players will play a MMA wrestler and join a blockbuster movie called Gangstar Vegas. The exciting storyline of the game will take you through more than 80 different missions, which require shooting skills, chasing criminals and, of course, indispensable classic fighting scenes in MMA. Players will have the opportunity to create a gangster of their own to smash the dominance of mafia friends in Vegas.

– Support multiple game modes:

Players can join Carnage or Heist mode to become the best shooter in Vegas. Participate in challenges in the game, from aerial chases, on the water to the street. By winning, you will enroll in the gold achievement table to represent yourself as the best horned gangster Las Vegas once welcomed. Besides, players can play mini card games to try their luck at Vegas paradise.

– Huge arsenal of weapons:

Players can use a variety of weapons such as petrol bombs, spray guns and more. You will have the opportunity to move around Las Vegas on cars like: heavy trucks, army jet or legendary “muscle” cars. Players can also change the appearance of their characters, can level up combat skills and accompanying weapons.

– Top notch graphics and music:

In this game, players will perform attractive action scenes in a city 9 times wider than in the old game. In Gangstar Vegas use dynamic effects, which increase the authenticity and excitement in each battle screen. Perform great action scenes with ragdoll effects; excellent success or failure to look at everything is fun and beautiful, all thanks to the physical mechanism Havok.

Gangstar Vegas - mafia game

You will experience this gangstar Vegas gangster movie with top notch sounds from the names of dubstep music, EDM, top dance like Skrillex, Kavinsky, Chromatics and many other artists. In addition, players have to try to hit the cypress thriller to become a top Vegas sniper in Carnage & Heist mode.

If you want to experience all the fascinating, alluring but adventurous things above then you definitely can’t ignore Gangstar Vegas. Quickly download Gangstar Vegas to your device to experience a great shooting game.




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