Defender III

Become a great military commander with Defender III

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Become a great military commander with Defender III

Defender III is a very attractive and unique tower defense strategy game that continues the defense game series from Droidhen, Hong Kong application company.

Defender III is the game version of Defender and Defender II’s familiar Tower Defense game series from this famous app store from Hong Kong. The third version is still a combination of goalkeeper and tactics, but brings new unique features with stunning graphics and amazing visual techniques like never before.

Defender III

The game is about a war between warriors and aggressive monsters that are about to take over the castle. The monsters have returned and this time they also become stronger. Led by 4 bosses, they are trying to invade your land to take over the city. As the mighty warriors, take the weapon to stand up and strengthen the defense to protect the city. Repel the enemy with your arrows and magic.

Defender III continues to bring players to the battle against monsters that intend to invade your kingdom. The mission of the gamer in this battle is to arrange magical bows to prevent monsters from protecting your castle walls from terrible monsters, defeating giant bosses.

Experience the game Defender III, players will become a great military commander to stand up to defend the kingdom before the invasion of dangerous monsters. Calling all national warriors to build solid defense systems to protect the nation’s peace and natural resources. Fight and completely destroy the dark dragon army led by 4 powerful flock bosses to accomplish their obligations to the country with the people of the kingdom. Game Defender III improved graphics quite clearly compared to the old version and many new game modes make the game more popular than ever.

Defender III

This battle is extremely difficult because, you will face an army with many different monsters that appear continuously in large numbers in defender game III. Use giant crossbows placed on fortress walls to prevent them from attacking. Build magic towers to better defend. Do not place turrets along enemy lines like Bloons TD 6, in the Defender III, you will stand on high walls, using turrets from four elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind to destroy each monster attack.

When winning matches and completing daily quests, you will receive rewards for materials used to upgrade and enhance your weapon’s stats. The higher the level, the larger the turret and the magic tower has the greater power to be ready to deal with the large and powerful enemies.

The game provides multi-player mode online. The game has five mysterious scenes that promise to take you to a world of scary creatures and monsters. Both vivid images and 2D graphics are well developed.

Defender III

Outstanding features of Defender III game:

– Combination of 4 elements.

– 5 majestic and splendid worlds.

– 20 different monsters (including 4 bosses).

– 20 powerful arrows.

– 36 amazing spells.

– More than 50 skills to explore.

– Over 500 levels to conquer.

– 4 ultimate elements waiting for you to control: Wind, Water, Fire and Earth.

– Compete with other players in the world and show off your great skills in the arena.

Defender III is a completely free playground that has just been released shortly. The game allows the use of IAP premium packages to purchase essential items, weapons and equipment in the game as well as upgrade characters in the app store. Quickly download the game to your devices to experience it.




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