Dragon Sim Online: Be A Dragon

Become a Dragon with Dragon Sim Online

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Become a Dragon with Dragon Sim Online

Dragon Sim Online is a simulation game for android machines developed by Turbo Rocket Games. Although it has been eye-catching for a long time, the game has been updated with features and patches constantly, so the game always receives a lot of interest from the community, as evidenced by the number of 5 million downloads from Google Play.

As the name suggests, coming to Dragon Sim Online game, players will own a powerful dragon, controlling it to fly in the air, searching for food, drinking water, fighting other dragons and mating the baby dragons. An open world awaits you! Feed a family, hunt to feed small dragons and live on your cubs. Your children can play and customize, so your blood will always live. Join online players to explore, fight and level up in a vast fantasy world. Discover and master all 4 elements of dragons to reign supreme.

Dragon Sim Online: Be A Dragon

You have what it takes to be a dragon legend. Join the battle in this epic adventure made in stunning 3D. Now, you can become the last dragon in an emulator unlike anyone else – Dragon Sim Online!

With the versatile online feature, players will adventure with dragons from all over the world, fighting and exploring together. Meet your friends online to jointly explore the vast world in fantasy. Besides, in multiplayer duels, you can prove your strength like a last dragon

Game used the simulator with deep the customization ability, you will feel what it wants to become a dragon and at the same time adventure in a complete fantasy simulation with many different communities. The simulator will challenge you to maintain your health and energy by eating. So, use the dragon’s magic elemental skills to attack fear on your enemies.

Dragon Sim Online: Be A Dragon

You will have the task of raising a dragon, or a dragon family, to protect your dragons from nature and develop them into warriors. Remember, every little dragon is like a completely new character that you can customize and play. With customizable abilities, dragons can be customized with names, gender, colors and even resizable body parts. It should be noted that dragons can be one of the elements: Fire, Ice, Air and Earth.

Players can level up by fighting enemies to power up your dragon. Dragon stats include Strength, Speed ​​and Health, each of which can be upgraded when you complete the mission. As you level up, you will become stronger against new dangerous bosses.

The game allows players to store data into the Cloud when you register with an account. So you will never lose your progress or lose a single data, helping you experience continuous game play on all devices.

Dragon Sim Online: Be A Dragon

The game possesses excellent 3D graphics, giving players a large 3D world. Survival skills are very important in this large world. Players have the opportunity to explore 4 islands, each island has its own atmosphere with enemies, partners and large floating islands await you in the dangerous world. To explore this world, the game offers players a completely new 3D map. You can use it by zooming in and out, rotating and the way you want, and even using the compass. Along with that is the system to simulate real weather, with accurate rainfall and thunder, very detailed.

Dragon Sim Online has a real day and night cycle on a 24-hour system. After 24 minutes the game is played, a day and night cycle is 24 hours passed in the game.

Each time you complete the mission, you will unlock achievements by hunting specific enemies. To discover interesting facts about dragons, establish a clan and fight with other players in Clan Wars and other online games. In addition, the game also allows gamers to play and chat with friends online. Therefore, use this feature to increase your combat ability and name yourself on the rankings showing the best players according to battle points, levels and duels.

So, it’s time for you to download Dragon Sim 3D and embark on a magical adventure with your friends!



Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.turborocketgames.dragonsim



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