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BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera is a great selfie application that has a lot of great filter and sticker. The BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera is released for free on the Google Play, APKgalaxy give you the apk file of this app so you guys can download BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera APK latest then easily install it.

Download BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor APK Update/Latest

This app is very necessary and cool for who likes selfie and photo editing. The BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera for Android is capable of changing your normal images into perfection with a professional, well-optimized set of tools, which optimized for Android devices. Selfie photos will not be boring anymore because you can use this camera “makeup” whitening and shaped cute face. Your imagines will be better without too much effort.

BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera for Android is an advanced free image editor. Users are free to customize everything without feeling boring. It contains a variety of editing tools and impressive effects such as customizable brightness, sticker, frame, multi-touch filter … More specifically, this camera application has excellent defect removal function. It works well on all colors and skin types. Thanks to that, users can remove red-eye, whitening the teeth that make your faces look radiant on every photo. In addition, BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera for Android also has a mode to remove wrinkles or add a lovely wink, lipstick, eyeliner, cheeks …

The BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera’s makeup toolkit for Android helps users instantly apply face makeup. Users can choose the beauty HD camera to increase the smoothness, sharpness and true. If you want to increase the “twinkling”, you should use the sticker pack with over 100 cute stickers in your photo.

The highlight feature of BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera for Android

  • Take selfies with HD camera
  • Make the picture look adorable with the perfect makeup tools
  • Abundant photo filters such as pastel, lomo … A lot of options to change and you can add stickers and frames to the photo.
  • Save photos to a memory card: Its small size does not take up much space on the phone or SD card.
  • Share your photo with friends via social networks like Facebook, Instagram …

In summary, BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera for Android is a great photo editing and photography tool on mobile. It will turn you into “makeup witch” with beauty tools and perfect facial removing. Besides, BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera APK also brings a lot of stickers for your reference to decorate the picture, strange, eye-catching as you want. Let’s download the BeautyPlus-Selfie Camera for Android for free and experience right away.


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