BEAT FEVER - Music Planet

BEAT FEVER – Music Planet

Uploaded:April 13th, 2019
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Beat Fever is a music tap game which has got a high rating on Google Play. If you are searching for an excellent music-related game, then Best Fever is absolutely a perfect choice. So far, it has reached over 1 million downloads and become more famous among music enthusiasts. Are you ready to tap according to the tunes that are increasingly fast over the time? Let’s download this game now to enjoy music and have fun at the same time.

BEAT FEVER - Music Planet 2

BEAT FEVER – Music Planet Game   Mod APK latest

As usual, what you need to do in this game is hitting the correct notes, which gives you points based on your accuracy. Also, when you miss a note, a loud buzz will come out to let you know that you tap the wrong note. Differing from other guitar-controlled games, Beat Fever mod apk doesn’t offer the entire song but rather only one or two minutes. These pop songs often have repetitive rhythms so that you won’t mess up much.

BEAT FEVER - Music Planet 2

The most enjoyable feature of Beat Fever is having a moderate storyline. Once you begin to play, you have to create your characters. You are completely free to design your character according to your desires. You will be a young animal who likes dancing and listening to club music.

BEAT FEVER - Music Planet 2

Beat Fever contains a variety of hit songs from top-stars artists in the world. Besides, there will be various genres for you to choose from, including pop, classical, electronic, rock and latin. Moreover, Beat Fever is integrated with Pokémon GO, allowing you to level up and catch Beat Monster to boost your scores. As a result, this can benefit you when you play in story mode and compete with other players in PVP.

Main features of Beat Fever:

  • Enjoy the world of music with a collection of various songs including all hit songs.
  • Sing and dance along with famous songs of top-star singers like Sia, Zayn Malik, Pitbull, Zhu, MGMT, Kaskade,
  • Macklemore and much more.
  • Take on new challenges by choosing to play in difficulty level.
  • Create your own character, from his hairstyle to the form of the nose.
  • Explore a virtual world in which music is the king.
  • Show off your special skills in live real-time competitions.
  • Chat and connect to other players around the world.
  • Collect Beat Monsters along the way to become the champion.




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