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Since releasing time, PUBG has become the most popular PC game in the world. With millions sold and huge gaming community, PUBG has become the best game of the year. The success is very great for PUBG that many programmers have produced and released mobile games with similar gameplay to this game. They also received millions of downloads from players. After the Rule of Survival, Knives Out, recently another PUBG game – Battlelands Royale is also officially released by Futureplay, which still revolves around the lives of 50 players on an island. Will you be the last survivor?

Battlelands Royale gameplay

Battlelands Royale will put you in a setting where up to 23 other players so you need to fight for surviving because only the last one can win. Your main task when playing is to observe, destroy all the opponents that you encounter to become the final survivor of the game. Each match will start by giving you a random location on the map. You and 50 other players must search, destroy the other players to become the last survivor. You need to move constantly on the map, search for weapons and equipment randomly arranged on the map. When encountering other players you have to kill him first. Each game lasts 3-5 minutes. The BO feature in the game also appears. It means that the map will narrow down. With the red circles, you need to move into the ring before the blood runs out. At the end of the game, your survival chance will be smaller so you need to prepare to fight with every situation.

Control mechanism and weapons.

In order to win the game, the fortune is not a determining feature. You have to have a short shot to knock down the opponent, as well as to move on the fastest and most flexible. The game control system is quite simple. You just move on the touch screen, touch the desired location to command the character, select the weapon to kill the enemy. The weapon system is abundant. Gamers can freely choose the best weapon to use. Win the match and level up your character to unlock new outfits, and you guys do not forget to look out for RARE DROPS with each level up, there’s something cool waiting.


The first impression I had when opening this game was that its main interface made me think of Fortnite, If you have never played Fortnite, please see this article then you will see what I say is absolutely correct. Overall, the graphics in the game are pretty impressive,  Battlelands Royale is built on the beautiful 3D technology platform, which impressed players with the real battle. The background is simple, but the game developers invested and focused well on the game. Bright colors make players relaxed. The Futureplay has made the survival war in the game more by designing the cute characters in cartoon style.

Download Battlelands Royale right now!

Battlelands Royale has just released lately but the game quickly reached the top of the Trending Game rankings on the Play Store. At present, the game continues to improve and adds new content to the next version.
Battlelands Royale is a free game, with IPA packages in the game, which you can use real money to buy. But it does not affect the balance in the game. You can download games directly from Play Store or with the download link we provide below.


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