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Battle of Arrow is a new mobile game, which focuses on PvP elements, bringing players into the battle among skilful players. Targeting the mobile gaming market with abundant products of the genre such as shooting, survival, or simulation cards, 4:33 developer from Korea has suddenly released Battle of Arrow. This mobile game focuses on the mainstream PvP factor, bringing players into the game among talented players like ancient Romans.

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Accordingly, Battle of Arrow brings the context of the ancient Roman arena, in which has the official competition, Archery Horse. Here, the player must demonstrate the skill to defeat the enemy with an arrow. In addition, the game will help players to train precision as well as sensitivity that every match is on the horse.

Involved in the game, players do not have to control the movement of their characters back and forth only the standard shot, while using the skill or auxiliary items in time to win. With the simple control mechanism that game brings, players just touch and drag to guard the corner attack on the weak points of the opponent.

Battle of Arrow mod features:

  • x100 Golden Arrow
  • ArenaTokens
  • get stat points
  • mod menu

Key feature of the game:

  • Unique and fun gameplay
  • Various game modes
  • Nice 3D graphics
  • Unlock and upgrade your character

In addition, Battle of Arrow has a simulation element, so players not only can customize and upgrade their character, armor, weapon or horse but also unlock more special skills like slowing down, increasing attack power… As mentioned, the game focuses primarily on the PvP aspect, promising to bring gamers incredibly attractive with gamers from 142 countries. In addition to the usual single-player story mode. Battle of Arrow also allows players to team up to solve the powerful bosses and get a lot of rewards.

Currently, Battle of Arrow has released worldwide for the App Store and Google Play in 5 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, and Korean, so you guys can download Battle of Arrow mod apk latest version below. Have fun!


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