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Combat the fiercest enemies, discover new planets, consider them towards the peak of the battle in Battle Camp mod apk, and capture an endless quantity of new monsters. You will begin the game using the only purpose of taking more creatures and enhancing your travel team, having a little buddy you’ve to look after so he grows and becomes stronger. You can suggest fights towards the many people you experience on the road as you discover the planet you reside in. To help you level-up this can offer you experience things. Together with your group of five, these fights can check intelligence and your pace: you will have to mix your jewels to start the most effective attacks possible. The greater the mixture, the stronger the attack.

Battle Camp v4.1.1 Mod apk download for Android [Latest]

When you beat the wild monsters that strike you, you can maintain their eggs if you believe they’d be useful to you in battles to boost and educate their offspring. You will be ready to enter the trench warfare, where you could fight solo or within the organization of one’s Facebook friends or Fight Camp itself whenever your group of monsters is effective enough. With models which are as fascinating because they are difficult, this exciting game could keep you hooked all night with over 400 unique creatures, fast-paced battles, and activities instantly. Increase, and the primary purpose of this game would be to seize monster into high forces that will rule the virtual world.

But there’s a perspective: the gameplay of Battle Camp Mod is a blend of puzzle game. The player may take by matching jewels in 3 or even more combinations in combat. But unlike every other puzzle game, you will find no limitations with this particular match game! Go the treasures everywhere about the system so much time as there’s a possible fit! The one thing that people must consider may be their monsters’ Health club. Therefore be ready for every fight through methods and techniques.

Mod Features:

Here is full features include in this mod:

  • Support catch unattainable monsters
  • Higher chance to find rare monsters
  • Higher chance to find ultra monsters
  • Higher chance to find uncommon monsters

Download and Install Battle Camp Mod apk:

  1. Download mod file by PC or direct by your Android phone
  2. Transfer the .apk file to your Android Device or if directly downloaded on your device open it.
  3. Click install option and wait few seconds, Enjoy the Game!

Main features game Battle Camp for Android:

What’s more to discover within this game using the game software that enables you to walk through sides while brawling with creatures on the way? As to expanding monster hunters and the new people, let’s dig through the highlights of the game.

  • Battle Camp mod enables you to design your unique character to get a more effective participation in the game.
  • The game works in by corresponding 3 or even more puzzle pieces that determine the method of the battle, which strikes, and just how critical weakness can be used to battle as an advantage.
  • Back into the selection of group and you can find over 1000 creatures to capture.
  • A person may create monster fighting game techniques by understanding the features of every beast. Through this, beating at high-level creatures could be possible.
  • The item of the Game would be to cause as many harms to your competitor. Each battle costs the ball player to get rid of Power. The Harm is attributed towards the general Harm alongside enormous benefits while timer models in. In case your team drops the single problem is, the club resets back, so it’s better to use tactical strategy in forming a troop.
  • Power could be taken in under 5 minutes. Since power regenerates in an extremely slow period, it may trample the energy of people into the entering combat. But when a person could spare enough silver, he or she could usually utilize the power to renew. Irrespective of it, Facebook is another resource for energy replenishment through inviting other people.
  • Pulverize your opponents in real time PVP activities and take part by cooperating with other people in Raid Events that occurs each month. Troop Wars are an appropriate spot to break your enemies.
  • Communicate socially among other players along with your friends which you meet in the manner. Through Battle Camp’s STAY online world, there’s much to investigate including techniques and guidelines that may be discussed from the most trustworthy friends in the Game. Developing friendly relationship among people can also be vital to creating a method.


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