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The Japanese mobile games have always made their own style in any genre, such as Battle of Blades from Square Enix. As one of leading game companies in the world, Square Enix always knows how to follow the trends. In a few years ago, the father of Final Fantasy had focused much more on the mobile game. Battle of Blades English version is the latest name released on mobile with the great gaming experience.

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Other name:バトル オブ ブレイド. Accordingly, Battle of Blades is an action simulation game, in which players will be involved in 4vs4 battles with fast speed. Each battle will take place within 3 minutes. You will join up with 3 other players to form a team and fight against other groups. The characters are divided into different roles as Attackers, Supporters or Balanced. Each character will have their own Skill chard, which you can build and customize them according to your play style. Currently, there are 60 different characters that Players can collect.

It looks like a MOBA game, but Battle of Blades does not have the equipment to buy equipment in the game. Regarding gameplay, the battles are still in the same fashion as the MMORPG of the same genre, including boss battles, hero customization systems, and rewards.
In addition to the mainstream PvP mode, Battle of Blades also features a single-player mode, which the players can explore the story and collect equipment to increase your character’s power. With a variety of costumes, Battle of Blades (Eng version) also allows you to change the shape of your favorite characters.

Moreover, the Battle of Blades Eng Version also has the RPG titles features such as Boss battle mode or equipment enhancement. Players need to collect ingredients and items through a single player PvE or Boss mode to enhance their character’s combat capabilities. In particular, Battle of Blades also provides a very nice inventory, allowing players to change the look of their characters become more beautiful.

The game story is taken by writer Yuichirou Higashide, who contributed to the game Ayayaaka Shibito and the famous anime Fate / Apocrypha. Square Enix has released a global version of Battle of Blades with the English Language for both Android and IOS platforms, and you can download Battle of Blades Mod APK (English) via the link below.


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