Batman: The Enemy Within

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The Enemy Within – Telltale Series will include five chapters on Bruce Wayne’s Batman-Gotham City fight against the threat of The Riddler. Telltale is a game publisher specializing in quality titles adapted from popular movie productions, and Batman: The Enemy Within is one of them. As the latest in the adventure game series of the same name, the story revolves around Batman is also the guardian of Gotham’s justice. Currently, it is available on Android and IOS also allows users to experience the first Episode of this free.

Download Batman: The Enemy Within Mod APK+data full unlocked for Android

The same style and graphics as the previous game, the Enemy Within Batman: The Enemy Within players are coming with beautiful action, the attractive storyline, difficult puzzles and a lot of enemies that are trying to attack Gotham City.

In the storyline of this Enemy Within, players will meet The Riddler, along with other infamous criminals, of course not to mention the Joker – a villain but a bunch of fans. And how powerful, if Batman will be able to bring peace to Gotham here? It all depends on you.

Like the Walking Dead series featuring Lee and Clementine, Batman: The Enemy Within (Full APK+data) gives gamers a variety of difficult choices through the provided dialogue system. Before each situation, the answers that gamers choose will determine the future, even the final stage in the game.

To download Batman: The Enemy Within requires gamers to handle quickly. Responding to every situation, in which the exact button on the screen is required, will make your heart beat as many as confronted with the dead body in The Walking Dead.

Batman Enemy Within has a total of 5 episodes, released on mobile platforms for both the Android and iOS operating systems. Accordingly, the first Episode will be released by Telltale for free so players can Enjoy the experience, and if you like, you can buy the remaining 4 episodes through the in-app purchase system. The version we provided below has been unlocked for the full 5 episodes so you can download and experience all the features of the game.


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