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If you are a fan of simple and easy-to-play, but addictive games, you may remember that we introduced to you a game series from Voodoo with interesting games like Stack Jump or Rolley Vortex… It is still the subject of the ball, today we bring you the latest game for Android named Basketball Black with all the above factors.

Basketball Black APK mod for Android

How to play?

In Basketball Black, you will become a basketball player. Your task is to throw the ball into the basket and score. It is also very simple, and I will show you now! Every turn you have 10 balls, the number of balls will drop to 1, you will play until thrown 10 times and run out of the ball. Each time you make the ball in the basket, you will be scored randomly 1 or 2. The highest score you can win is displayed on the main screen in the Best Score section. A navigation bar will emulate the trajectory of the moving path of the ball, which will move up and down continuously. You need accurate time best to touch the screen and throw the ball into the basket.

This is not easy when the distance between each turn is different, and the speed of the navigation bar is also changing constantly. Black Basketball gameplay is simple and easy to play, but to get a good score you will have to practice a lot.

Basketball Black has 3 game modes including:

  • Free play
  • Chase Target
  • Play Online

The Free mode is very simple. At the game’s main screen, you just have to hit the shoot and start playing. There will still be a limit of 10 balls per turn.

Chase Target, in which the game will set the target points that you must complete before throwing 10 balls. The initial goal is easy to only 9 or 16 points. The game will be more difficult time to time. When the score has improved, after completing a goal, you have the opportunity to receive amazing rewards.

Play Online is a face-to-face game with other players, and you will have two choices in this category: play with friends or random opponents. If you want to invite friends and play together, you need to enter the game by using the facebook account. You just access the Settings on the main screen. If you choose Random, you will be playing with another player via the internet connection. Because it is a new game so searching for the opponent is quite difficult. I usually take 1-2 minutes to find a match.

Basketball Black has no plot. In addition to gameplay, there are not many things you can do. You can unlock some items by using Gold. They are new shoes or balls with different colors. Earning gold is not too difficult. When you score 50 points, you will receive 20 gold, this will be repeated.

Chase Target’s graphics are simple, with only two colors, black and white. The protagonist is a basketball player, who is also designed very simple, makes you think of the Stickman character. Simple graphics are completely understandable because it will make the player can focus more on the gameplay. With simple graphics, Basketball Black is the only 2MB, so you can install it immediately without worrying about configuration or free space on your phone.

Key Features of Basketball Black:

  • The simple gameplay with high difficulty levels.
  • Conquer the challenges of the game through 3 different game modes.
  • Connect Facebook and share high scores with everyone.
  • Simple graphics with 2 colors in white and black.
  • Unlock new items and types of balls.

Basketball Black has just released shortly, but it has received 500,000 downloads and rated 4.7 on Google Play. With no charming 3D graphics or complex plot, all that Basketball Black brings a simple but really interesting gameplay, which makes the game attractive. You can download the Basketball Black APK (Mod Money) for free by using the link below. Have fun!


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