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Uploaded:August 16th, 2017
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Bacon May Die is a funny fighting game released by SnoutUp Game recently. With Bacon May Die Mod APK, you can experience the fatal combat where you take the control of a small piggy fighter and attack other zombie bunnies. Let’s become one cute but brave animal fighting against enemies and try to survive as long as possible during the battle.

Bacon May Die Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Latest

To survive, a little pig warrior must encounter hordes of hungry zombies, bunnies and evil creatures of the forest. To do this, the pig has a basketball bat so that it can take zombies’ heads off and shoot their bodies using a mini gun. The pig is equipped with a variety of weapons and guns.

Bacon May Die for Android is a 2D fighting game with blood, auto running and fun fighting mechanics and slow motion action. More than 20 kinds of guns and melee weapons are available so that you can choose in the battle with zombies. This contains sword fighting, swinging the baseball bat, crushing enemy skulls with a hammer, breaking skeleton warrior bones with an axe and a chainsaw.

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Simple controls will let you create insane ninja combo chains. It is a kind of beat em up the game so you are like a ninja hero using crazy melee weapons and can choose to spice up the action by slowing time and raining bullets on the opponents in cool shooting mode. This ninja warrior pig is equipped with deadly fight skills and kung-fu hero action. Try to master the slow motion when shooting to keep your bacon safely from the fatal attacks.
All the blood in Bacon May Die mod is designed in animation style, so it is really funny and pleasing when you are playing the game.

Main features of Bacon May Die:

  • Awesome slow motion action mechanics.
  • Offer the feature which is melee and ranged combat.
  • Attack by using kick-ass fighting, raining bullets, releasing bees from the beehive.
  • Control a pig warrior to fight against other pig zombies.
  • 2D graphics are cute and animated, clothes of character are lovely.
  • Infinite deadly combat allows you to play as long as you want.
  • Various, funny and crazy weapons and guns with more than 20 types available.
  • Smooth and sensitive controls so you can attack opponents more effectively.
  • More interesting features like outfits, enemies and weapons will be added in the future.


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