Attack on Titan: Dedicate Your Heart

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Attack on Titan is the famous games in the Manga and Anime world, which was officially revealed on the Mobile platform.
As usual, any name that has become famous in the Manga – Anime has its own version of the virtual world. From the One Piece, Naruto and Dragon Ball … there are mobile versions, we have a lot of quality games on many different platforms including Mobile. Attack on Titan is no exception when it is a video game development with the first version launched in 2016 on PC / Console platform. And now, you can continue to enjoy another version of this manga when Attack on Titan has just revealed the mobile version named Attack on Titan: Dedicate Your Heart was developed by Tencent – the owner of many quality games on the mobile that most recently 2 official PUBG versions from Blue Hole.

Attack on Titan: Dedicate Your Heart APK english for Android

Formally known as Attack on Titan: Dedicate Your Heart, the game will give players a chance to relive the great memories of the first season of the anime series. Attack on Titan, an anime adaptation of Annie and Mikasa has released a new trailer that has made Fans are very eager.

Gamers will play a completely new character belonging to the 104th Training Corp force, alongside the celebrities of Attack on Titan such as Eren, Mikasa or Armin. Surely, this is not a normal Casual title. But instead of giving the player direct confrontation with giant Titan monsters, the game will have a QTE system, which requires the player to perform corrective actions on the screen to create high-damage combo strings. Because it is the official version of the official development license. Attack on Titan: Dedicate Your Heart will be voiced by the cast of the anime series. This will be a very happy news to the fans because the game can convey exactly the characteristics of the movie for players to relive the greatest memories with Attack on Titan.

Game Features:

  • The official mobile version of the manga series of the same name.
  • Meet up with familiar characters like Eden, Mikasa…
  • Join the fierce battle between humans and titan
  • Various challenging game modes
  • Beautiful graphics and impressive sound.

Attack on Titan: Dedicate Your Heart is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. If you are a big fan of Anime / Manga then you should not miss Attack on Titan.


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