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Currently, there are not so many open-world games on mobile phones. Because wandering around a large environment that is not suitable for mobile, which is designed for the convenience and speed. But Orangepixel, the creator of the Meganoids, has a different opinion that has recently launched a new game on this interesting subject, named AshWorld.

AshWorld APK for Android

The game plot revolves around a man, Ash, whose mission to save the world from the ruins. During the journey, the character encounters and battles with the dangerous Ragers, as well as the creepy zombies of the Skellies, and takes advantage of every possible means to defeat the most hated enemies.

Inspired by the post-apocalyptic cosmos of Mad Max, the mobile game AshWorld brings a mixture of many game genres. You have to wander in a dangerous world. You have to face to those who survived from the disaster and become bandits to mutant creatures that emerge at night. They will attack continuously to gain your equipment or food. Defeating the enemy completely depends on the decision of the player and you have the ability to shoot, blow or crush the enemy with your car. This will definitely be a fascinating and exciting journey that players need to take full force to experience.

The game is open world, so the map will be very large. But do not worry, in addition to running out, you can also drive a car. In this aspect, AshWorld performs very well, reminiscent of the early GTA versions with a humourous top-down perspective. Orangepixel wants to give players many missions to encourage exploring the open world. By creating flexible random tasks, Ashworld is expected to satisfy the player’s curiosity and fondness.

Everything will be different when you walk into any house. At this time, the view of the game will return to the traditional 2D horizontal view angle. Like every other Orangepixel product, each map will be designed randomly, meaning you never have to enter the same house twice. By raiding and cleaning these homes, you will have additional supplies such as equipment or food healing items for the next trip.

Bringing a new idea to be deployed more, AshWorld allows you to feel the postwar world through a survivor’s perspective by constantly fighting. The Ashworld map is specially designed, large enough to cover the entire open world. But it is also small enough to not divide into individual areas. This means that the player will only have to follow an orthodox storyline with a unified mission such as engaging in the search, destroying tools, and protecting the base. The rest of the world will be slowly supplemented and bring to you a series of extremely intense and stressful challenges.

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