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AR MeasureKit is a ruler application that utilizes real-world enhancement technology (AR) to measure distances in real space. This application can measure anything such as measure line, measure angle, measure curve, volume.

AR MeasureKit APK free download for Android

The AR MeasureKit application has all 7 measuring tools, measuring everything exactly without the ruler. Typically, to measure the distance you need to the ruler, measure the angle to the ruler, measure the volume, area, and curves you need to measure and then calculate the result. But now, the measurement process is much more simple and is done very quickly, precisely thanks to a new app on iOS 11, is AR MeasureKit.

AR MeasureKit for Android is a virtual ruler or virtual metric that takes advantage of Apple’s new AR technology on iOS devices. The Android version of the app also makes it easy to measure everything using your Android camera.

AR MeasureKit APK has all 7 AR measurement tools including:

  • Ruler: Measure straight lines on any surface, such as a desk or on a wall.
  • Curve: Measure by drawing (moving your device) in the real world.
  • Battery Maker: Measure the distance from the camera device to a fixed point in space.
  • Measure angle: Measure any angle to see how many degrees.
  • Measure the height of someone: Measure someone’s height easily.
  • Measure how much the volume is.
  • Level: Check whether the object is horizontal and vertical, rectangular or straight.

Measure the volume of an object Measure the height of a person Measure on a vertical plane

The Chaining Mode in the Ruler Tool allows you to quickly link multiple segments together in the same measurement and measure the area of ​​the plane that is circled with those lines. This feature is useful when you want to measure the floor.

MeasureKit integrates an advanced internal algorithm to identify the real world using ARKit. It allows the application to provide a truly smooth and accurate measuring experience including wall or other vertical measurements. While most similar AR-sized applications are limited to precise measurements on desks and floors. With MeasureKit APK you can easily measure the picture on the wall or anything on the vertical plane.


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