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Dark Souls is one of the most popular games on PC and Console because of the unique gameplay, which is similar to the usual RPG games, allow players to battle and upgrade their characters. However, the game’s difficulty makes many people frustrated. But this is the charm of its success. So far, Animus – Stand Alone has been inspired by the Dark Soul, bring the perfect game experience right on your Android device.

Background and gameplay

Animus – Stand Alone for Android is set in an ancient and dark world, where the devils and mutated creatures live. You will play as a knight, with shields and swords, moving through this land to get away from this dangerous place. But everything is not easy. These creatures are always trying to kill you. Be careful while facing them! Sometimes the scorpions or the warriors come up from the ground, or worse, huge bosses that are extremely dangerous and difficult to beat. You must destroy all of them to complete the game.

Animus – Stand Alone’s gameplay is really impressive. Players can move, roll to avoid the enemy’s attacks and use weapons to counterattack. Like the Dark Soul, the character in Animus – Stand Alone (APK Mod) is controlled by a stamina bar on the top of the screen (under the blood bar), all actions of the characters are causing Stamina loss. When this bar is running out, you have to wait for its recovery. Players have to control the character’s actions in battle to match the amount of Stamina.

Impressive graphics and sound

After downloading and opening the game, you can see Animus’s graphics really impressive and detailed like a high-quality game. You will feel overwhelmed by the in-game world, the different lands and terrain are elaborately built. The visual effect is really impressive that you can see the reflection of the sun on the armor of warriors. The weapons are beautifully designed and impressive. The sounds of metal clashes, the breath of the character, or the screams of enemies are blended in the grandiose theme music for the player to feel excited and real. However, excessive use of graphics causes processing on the device to occasionally cause errors and drain the battery. If you are using a moderately configured Android device, you can customize it, set the graphics in the game settings to experience the game smoothly.

Abundant weapons system

Animus – Stand Alone is divided into small maps and players will move through different lands, fight and destroy enemies, collect items. The items in the game are Money or a new weapon. Gear can cause dramatic changes to your gameplay, as well as your character’s appearance. You will feel completely different when you use spear versus sword. The weapons in the game will have different stats as well as strengths and weaknesses, some of which cause extreme damage to characters moving more slowly, some are opposite. Gold and materials are used to upgrade your existing equipment. Animus’s Loots system is quite similar to Monster Hunter, in which you can do everything with your weapon to upgrade their power. At present, Animus – Stand Alone offers more than 20 different weapons, you have to complete the missions to unlock them. Depending on the style and the gameplay, you can choose the most suitable weapon to fight.

A perfect version of Dark Soul on Mobile

With the difficulty in gameplay, a variety of weapons, dark and classic gameplay, you can enjoy all of Dark Soul on your mobile with Animus – Stand Alone. The different feature of Animus – Stand Alone is the space, which is not open in the game. But this is also highly appreciated because it makes players focus on the game and increases the difficulty.

You can download Animus – Stand Alone APK for free by clicking the link below.


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