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This article will help you start your latest Nintendo game in the most comfortable way. Our Beginner’s Guide will help you easily earn bells and Left Ticket. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a new game released in the popular Animal Crossing series from Nintendo, which was released in late November and is currently topping the charts for the best free games for Android and IOS. Ok you guys can download this game Here
In the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Beginner’s Guide, we will help you get this game, from the most basic things like how to start building up your camp. The best way to earn bells and the Left Ticket, and everything you need to know about crafting, making friends, and more.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Beginner’s Guide

First of all, you should know the locations that you will visit in the game, and understand the usage of each place. The below are the places you will definitely know about them while playing the game.

  • Your Camp: Surely, this is the place that you manage. It is not a very large area, but you have to try to manage everything, even the smallest.
  • Saltwater Beach is also an interesting place to visit, where you can collect fish or shells by fishing.
  • Sunburst Island: The place where you can catch a variety of insects or find other resources.
  • The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Market Place: The main area of ​​the game, where you have to visit many times. Because there are all the shops that have everything that you can use to decorate your campsite, these include clothing stores, shoes, furniture, the personal and many other things.
  • OK Motors is where you will come and find things to customize for your personal campsite.
  • Breezy Hollow is the place to look for the fruits, the incredibly simple task, shake the tree and wait for the gift from them.
  • Lost Lure Creek, like the beach, is an ideal place for you to go fishing.
  • The Last important place is Shovelstrike Quarry, where you need to spend 20 Left Ticket, or you need to voucher from five of your friends to enter. In which, there are mines of gold, silver, ruby ​​and other precious stones that you can find valuable items for sale or exchange with other players.

There are some tips and tricks from the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for new players:

  • The plants will give the fruit 3 hours a time, so each harvest will require 3 hours left. If you have fertilizer, you can quickly accelerate this process.
  • Tree bugs and fish in the stream appear randomly and refresh fast. You can pick (or catch) them many times as you continually leave and reach their area.
  • If you cannot find a particular fruit, bug, or fish, or need a large quantity of these ingredients, check Market to find what you need. You will need to use Left Ticket to buy them, you can also sell them on your market.
  • The best time to go to the Shovelstrike is when it has just been refreshed. To check this point, open the map and check the highlighted locations. If they are sparkling yellow, this is the time for you.
  • Make sure you check your inbox regularly and click the Goals tab in the menu to receive the reward after you reach a goal or check the requirements to receive rewards on a certain mission. This is the easiest way to get your ticket left, but many people forget about it. And be careful: when leaving a goal too long and not completed, and you can lose all of them.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp How to earn Bells and Tickets Left:

Referring to Animal Crossing is the Bells, which is an integral part of every Animal Crossing version ever. In addition, in this mobile version, Nintendo has introduced a new currency is Left Ticket (A familiar way to force players to buy IPA packages). (Basically, this is the smart way of saying Animal Crossing about “dolla dolla bills y’all.”)
Left Ticket is the main currency of the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and players will trade everything through this Left Ticket. So earning Left Ticket is the most priority of every player in the game. If you want to speed things up, you can use real money to buy the IPA packages available in the game. They are quite expensive. If you play this game for fun, we recommend that you should not buy them yourself, buy the Left Ticket is not fun. What’s more? There are some tips to help you earn ticket left easier.

The Best way to get Tickets Left in Aninmal Crossing Pocket Camp

The best way to get a material (for crafting), Bells, or Left Ticket is to make requests from your neighbours. They often appear random, asking if you have something specific, like pears, apples … you will receive the corresponding gifts from them. In the end, you can be the friend with the monster and invite them to your own camp, where they give you more requirements. The quickest way to earn 100 Left Tickets in Animal Crossing Pocket is to connect the game to your Nintendo account, with 100 Left Ticket – it’s really useful. You can use them to buy items for making, building some things in your campsite, and much more…
In addition to carrying out the duties of your neighbours, or connecting your Nintendo Account, another way to earn Left Ticket in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is to accomplish the goals that Isabelle has set for you. The goals in the game are divided into two categories:

  • Timed Goals: You will have to complete before the time set by the Goal
  • Stretch Goals: You can complete anytime without limit. Stretch Goals are usually the most rewarding because they are often harder than Timed Goals. Normally, when completing Stretch Goals you will receive a Left Ticket or Bells.


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a free game, you can download and play the game on the Play Store without losing any costs. Surely, in the game, there will be IPA package, which can be purchased in order to have instant access to Left Ticket. However, in general, you can play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp in your own way, just pay close attention to the tasks and games posed, buy and sell in a reasonable way. You can get great gifts and more.

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