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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a community simulation game developed and released by Nintendo, the first version launched in 2001 on the Nintendo 64 machine, which has attracted the attention of many players around the world. Over the years, the Animal Crossing series has grown stronger with a myriad of different versions. Recently, Nintendo has released a free version for the mobile platform called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 2.2.1 Mod APK unlimited Leaf Tickets [latest]

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you play a protagonist, who manages a vacant lot, and your mission is to develop your land into a perfect campsite, as well as customizing it like your artwork knowledge and design. There are a lot of activities that you can do in the game.

The player advances in the game by visiting a variety of recreation venues where you can help animals, close furniture, and other necessities. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free game, but it also supports a virtual currency trading game called Leaf Ticket. Players can earn Leaf Tickets by playing a game or buying a real money Leaf Ticket if you want to develop faster. Virtual money can be used to trade items, materials or reduce play time.

How to download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mod?

  • First, you need to uninstall the installed Play Store version (if available).
  • Download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mod APK file that we provide below
  • Install APK file as Normal
  • All done, open game and enjoy now!

Build your campsite:

Being a game that simulates the daily life, making items is one of the main activities in the game. The first time you enter the game, you will move into the town and find the dog Goldie that is cooking. Because of the lack of the fruit that is the very important ingredient of his disk, so he cannot finish the food. Let’s help Goldie finding the missing apples. After completing this first task, you will receive the first ingredients Bells and Cotton. You can go to the blacksmith’s place to make furniture. In addition, you can manually search for these materials by moving through beaches, islands or simply encountering them along the way. Another way to get these items is to play free games arranged by Nintendo. Besides, the common feature is fishing. You can use fishing rods or use the net to catch more fish. This is an interesting activity, and fish can also be used as a raw material for game furnishings.

You have to build everything and put them into your land, making it the best campsite to attract people. When you decorate everything perfectly, you can invite people to come to visit. Other players can also visit your campsite and can make friends with you. It’s just a small area, but you can do a lot of things to make it better. We can decorate the interior, exterior, and even add a new room to receive guests. You can visit other locations in the game including Breezy Hollow, Sunburst Island, and Market Place.

There are a lot of holidays or interesting events, such as fishing and fireworks, as well as New Year’s Day, etc. makes the player relax. In addition, the attraction in this series is that the game will have the open end, not constrained players at all. It all depends on the players themselves, their decisions, actions throughout the game. Players will greatly affect the entire plot of the game, as players create curiosity to continue discovering.

Buy and Sell in the game:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is no exception, the game offers a unique currency that allows players to make all purchases – the Leaf Ticket. You can have Leaf Ticket by selling unnecessary items or using real money to buy them with the IPA packages available in the game. The latest version of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mod unlimited Leaf Ticket is available for free and you can download it at the link below.

Graphics and controls:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is more beautiful and adorable than ever. The graphics are not only upgraded but also dressed in 3D clothes, games that make the player compliant with the style is extremely easy to see and unique. Bright colors are also available, dark colors are also available and live.

Like other simulation games, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mod also has a cycle of day and night. At the different times, the activities will also vary. Nintendo did not disappoint us by upgrading the game’s platform and fully compatible with mobile devices. Because it’s designed for the mobile platform. Nintendo has optimized the interface and character controls as well as the interaction with the game, giving the user a comfortable gaming experience. You can choose to swipe or touching the screen to navigate the character.


Animal Crossing is similar to Nintendo fans. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mod Leaf Ticket brings us into a town, in which the player is separated from the busy (and sometimes stressful) life of reality in order to enjoy peace and enjoyment as a child. The mobile version has officially been released on both Android and IOS platforms, so you can easily download the game and experience it now


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