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Analog Film is a photo editing applications with ten functions corresponding to 10 color film filters in many famous tourist destinations such as Tokyo, Paris, London… Analog Film has been in the TOP application on the Google Play Store. Edit your favorite photos with Analog Film.

Download Analog Film Filter Apps for Android

Today, except for big events like weddings, parties, congresses require professional photographers and dedicated cameras, most of the people use smartphones, Travel cameras to capture moments in their life. However, if you are a photography enthusiast and want to enjoy the best photos, do it with the camera phone, you need the support from Analog Film Photo. With these applications, users can edit photos in classic or natural style. With 400 color filters in different film styles. After editing photos will be in color, giving a unique feeling that no image editing software can do.

Besides, this Analog Film Photo collection also has a common image editor with adjustable exposure, sharpness, texture… so you can create a beautiful photo. After completed, users can share directly to the social network such as Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or save to their computer. With these great features, you should download Analog Film Photo to your computer and experience it today. Each application will have ten different filters for the small image according to your preferences, so you can actively choose your favorite color tone Film. Possessing the interface is quite easy to use, with those you have not known or do not know how to edit the appropriate, you can still produce beautiful photos. Additionally, we offer you some similar photo editing applications, especially Pallete Series applications. You can try by clicking here.

Features of Analog Film Filters:

  • Photography: Besides to edit photos, the Analog Film also has a pretty simple interface and can choose a filter while taking pictures to match the light, color tone.
  • Photo Editing: Fully integrated image editing tools such as brightness, contrast, contrast… crop, rotate the photo.
  • Photo Sharing: After editing, you can save your photos to your phone’s Photo Gallery or share them directly to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr or send Email.

Why should you use Analog Film?

Social networking is more and more popular, along with the sharing of beautiful selfie images on the network every day, especially Facebook and Instagram. So you need these nice photos to share online, the photo editing application like Analog Film or VSCO is a great support for you.

It’s an essential app for Selfie followers. Download Analog Film for your Android to take beautiful selfie photo. Wish you have the best selfie pictures by this application.

Feelm classic – Analog Filters:

Feelm Natura – Analog Filters:

Feelm Soda – Analog Filters:



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