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Alto’s Adventure has just released on the Android and iOS platforms. If you have ever addicted to the famous Alto’s Adventure Endless Runner game, you do not miss out on Alto’s Odyssey, a new version to continue the last story.

Alto’s Odyssey APK – Latest Endless Runner Game for Android

Overall, Alto’s Odyssey is still designed with the same style and gameplay as Alto’s Adventure, where players will control their characters moving across the different lands with challenging terrain, and facing rows. A series of obstacles, enemies, and obstacles that you must overcome that continue the journey.

After each turn, your score will be evaluated based on a number of different factors: distance traveled, number of combos you have got, number of coins picked, biomes discovered and Goals completed. The game will give you a goal to accomplish during the game such as moving a certain distance, performing the combo… After completing these objectives, you will get the parts and Alto’s Odyssey will bring more difficult targets.

There is an icon bar in the left corner of the screen where players will have to perform combo or backflips to fill them up. Therefore, you will be able to activate special abilities of the character that is flying in the air.

Easy to Control

Alto’s Odyssey offers a great control mechanism, which is simple and easy to use. You just touch the screen to instruct the character to jump up to avoid obstacles, keep to backflip, Control system of the game makes you think of other games of the same genre as Sky Safari or Snowman. Your main task is to move as far as possible, but it is important to collect coins (glow) on the journey, which will be very useful for upgrading and buying the support items. About support items, on the running way, you will encounter random items, they will give your character special abilities, like magnets to suck coins, power Break all the obstacles on the run without avoiding them.

Currently, Alto’s Odyssey offers more than 10 characters for the player to unlock. You can even explore your journey with a pension.

Graphics and sound

The biggest difference in the Alto’s Odyssey is the context of the game. Instead of being in a cold mountain region, Alto’s Odyssey will bring players to the barren land, the dangerous wild desert. Your character is also designed simply, the highlight is the long scarf will fly in acrobatics. The simple and beautiful 2D graphics combine with the fast-paced skateboarding gameplay makes Alto’s Odyssey attractive to all audiences. In addition to interacting with the surrounding environment. A variety of challenges and great music are appealing to gamers. The quality gameplay has brought Alto’s Odyssey to become one of the most experienced mobile games of 2018.


With no stunning 3D graphics or complex plotline, Alto’s Odyssey is an entertainment game aimed at all kinds of players and you will be a part of an exciting desert journey with a lot of obstacles. The Alto’s Odyssey is released free of charge for both Android and iOS. You can download Alto’s Odyssey APK from the link below.

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