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AIIA: Dragon Ark has recently released in Korea. After a period of development and finalization, AIIA has now officially released the official version that supports more languages including English. Although it has not been released worldwide, players can still experience this game through the link at the end of the article.

AIIA: Dragon Ark Mod download for Android

AIIA: Dragon Ark is a potential MMORPG game from Korea, with perfect 3D graphics engine based on the Unreal Engine 4. The game is set in a fantasy world where two forces exist, the human and evil. The battle of the two sides has been going on for hundreds of years. Players will play a warrior of human, adventure through various lands and fight with hundreds of dangerous enemies to bring peace to the world.

AIIA: Dragon Ark has a familiar ARPG gameplay style and controls via virtual keypad, virtual joystick and top-down viewing angles. Overall, AIIA’s gameplay is quite similar to the ARPG blockbuster games on the market, such as Nexon’s H.I.T. Superhero or Devilian’s Gamevil. The player can control and move the character easily. The skills are shown on the right with 5 different options that allow the player to use depending on the fighting situation. In addition to the features that revolve around PvE such as overwhelming, climbing, challenging day, the AIIA is still focused on PvP, community building thanks to the guild system, 1v1 arena, GvG series. The rewards are extremely valuable. Players can choose between engaging in charismatic storytelling and beautiful battles, or join in the arena and compete with other players. Trying to rise to the highest rank to receive, you will get the amazing rewards.

One of the most striking features of the game is the extremely attractive graphics engine based on the Unreal Engine 4, which is delivering incredibly detailed graphics. The kill effects and character interaction are also very lively and engaging. The bosses in the game are very impressive, with huge size and dangerous. They are easy to relate to the monsters in Moster Hunter game. Character’s movement in the game is also programmed smoothly. The world of AIIA: Dragon Ark is impressive with a variety of terrains, they are very detailed and beautiful, offering a great adventure experience for the player.

AIIA: Dragon Ark Key Features:

  • An Action RPG for mobile with high-quality Unreal 4 graphics
  • Free to play
  • Select your heroes and engage in fierce battles
  • Various game modes include: PvP, PvE, Arena
  • Upgrade weapons, armour for your heroes
  • Fight the giant boss

AIIA: Dragon Ark Mod APK is currently distributed worldwide with the support of English language. Readers can visit the address below to download games and experience the game.


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