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Uploaded:October 31st, 2017
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Adventure Llama is an exciting arcade game on Android, released by Orube Game Studio – a studio from Portugal. Although the game was released shortly, the game was rated as a 5 star game on the Play Store. Let’s find out what the game looks like. The mod removal ads and the unlimited money of Adventure Llama are available for free at apkgalaxy, so you can download the game with the link below.

Adventure Llama Mod APK Unlimited Money Latest/Update

In Adventure Llama, players will be controlling a retired adventurer in the ancient temples with the task of collecting the Coins. Each level will have 3 Coins that you have to collect. Currently, Adventure Llama for Android has 3 temples, which will consist of several small stages, and you have to complete all the stages in the Temple to unlock the next one.

Adventure Llama Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Gold/Money
  • Unlock full all stage
  • Removed Ads
  • Unlocked all-new Llama

How to play?

The gameplay is very simple, you just touch the screen to start each level. Llama will always move forward, the player will touch to jump and overcome obstacles, the Llama will not stop. If you encounter any obstructions, you cannot adjust the direction of the llama’s movement, but you can only expect it to hit the obstacles to turn the head.

To jump further, you can keep your finger on the screen to unwind an umbrella that allows Llama to hover in the air and move further. In general, the gameplay is simple. Over the first few stages seem easy to overcome, you will notice to control the llama jump to avoid obstacles or lava fire and collect all 3 antiques is not simple.

Added a new game mode:

In addition to the usual gameplay mode, the game offers an additional Time Attack mode, in which you can craft your skills to complete the game with the shortest duration and set a record. Unlocked after you have completed the previous stage. The important thing is that ads will appear randomly after each stage failure. You can use the Adventure Llama mod latest version that we provide to remove this feature.

Tips: Adventure Llama is an offline game, so you can use the GameKiller app to manually purchase IPA packages in the game while removing ads in the app.

Simple graphics:

Adventure Llama’s graphics are quite special with the classic 8-bit style. If you remember, we have introduced a lot of 8-bit games and they are really great.  The obstacles and main character are Llama designed with the blocks.

Unlock the new Llama:

There are a lot of unlockable characters today. Adventure Llama (Mod APK) offers more than 70 different characters for unlocking. In general, the characters are different in appearance and do not affect the gameplay much.


Adventure Llama does not have the same graphics as other games. But the interesting gameplay makes the game very attractive. You can download Adventure Llama mod directly from the link provided by us. The main features are unlimited money, remove ads and much more.


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