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Abyss Tribe (アビストライブ) is the latest Android game released by Rean studio – a school game with a very interesting fictional war.

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The story of the game: Souma is an ordinary high school student. His life is boring until one day… The world was ravaged by the sudden appearance of a monster named Soul Lost – which was capable of stealing souls and control the people. Once, Souma went to school and was attacked by the monsters of Soul Lost. In the face of death, a mysterious girl named Pandora appears and saves him in time. She told him about everything – the power of Abyss and tragedy is coming to them. Souma’s destiny was changed when he decided to fight against the Soul Lost to protect humanity from destruction.

All about gameplay

Abyss Tribe is a turn-based RPG for Android, in which you will be led by a team of heroes with different skills, fighting against the Soul Lost and the monsters he created. The main scene is at Souma’s school. Each stage in Abyss Tribe is limited to 3 minutes. Players in turn move and defeat all the opponents. Initially, your team will have only two people, Abyss Tribe allows the maximum of 5 people in your team, so you can unlock these slots by reaching the required level of the game.

The control mechanism in the game Abyss Tribe is quite simple. Your heroes will move and attack automatically. You need to touch the icon of each hero to activate their skills or use the item healing… When the hero is full of Mana, they will blink, you just touch the icon to activate a corresponding character.

Abyss Tribe has a variety of character systems and missions.

Abyss Tribe (English) offers more than 50 different characters to allow players to experience, but most of them are not available, you will have to unlock new characters through the completion of new levels or new missions or characters will be unlocked randomly.

Characters in the game Abyss Tribe are rated by stars, with a maximum of 5. You will have the highest number of heroes when they reach 5 stars. Each hero in the game has 6 different skills. They can be unlocked when you upgrade character, up to 4 slots to equip skills. In addition to the story mode, Abyss Tribe offers additional gameplay modes that allow players to engage in battle with other players in the arena, or participate in daily events to receive bonuses.

Note: To play Abyss Tribe, you need a stable internet connection. Currently, the game offers 3 different servers.

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With good Anime graphics, the characters are designed very cute, with beautiful skill effects and the attractive gameplay. If you love Turn-base games come from Japan, you should not miss possessing this game.


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